VMware delivers network virtualization platform for 5G and multi-cloud telco networks

VMware, Inc. has announced VMware vCloud NFV-OpenStack Edition 3.0, the next generation of the company’s network functions virtualization (NFV) platform for communications service providers (CSPs). This update from VMware will enable improvements in network performance, new carrier-grade networking capabilities, and intent-based service assurance to help improve the total economics of software-defined, open standards-based 5G and multi-cloud telco networks.

“With the expected rollout of 5G globally by 2020 and Singapore in the near future, a new approach to the telco network and cloud is required to solve challenges associated with the hyper distribution of virtual network functions, applications and data,” said Sanjay K. Deshmukh, Vice President and Managing Director, South East Asia and Korea, VMware. “With VMware vCloud NFV-OpenStack 3.0, service providers will be able to build software-defined, programmable, highly-distributed Telco clouds based on open standards to deliver new advanced services to consumers, and quality-of-service-based network slices to serve the application needs for a wide variety of industries.”

VMware vCloud NFV delivers a 5G-ready NFV infrastructure platform, tuned to support rapid rollout of next-generation services with low latency and high network throughput, and support for a massively distributed set of end points and devices. VMware vCloud NFV enables Cloud Service Providers in the country to create an end-to-end software-based network architecture to deliver consistent, pervasive connectivity and intrinsic security to applications and network functions wherever they are located, at global scale from core to cloud to edge, and independent of underlying physical infrastructure or location. 

“Service providers are being pressed to deliver new and differentiated services faster, in an on-demand model, and maintain a high quality of experience for the user,” said Emily Ng, Regional Sales Director, VMware. “This requires a new architecture for network functions virtualization, while creating a delivery method that will support an all-IP infrastructure.”

Key advancements in the newest release of vCloud NFV-OpenStack 3.0 will include:

  • Accelerated Performance: VMware vCloud NFV-OpenStack delivers accelerated data plane network performance, which can dramatically increase efficiency, while preserving all the existing benefits of VMware’s NFV infrastructure. Beta tests by customers such as NTT Com, Telia Company, and Telefonica of the new NSX Managed Virtual Distributed Switch in Enhanced Data Path mode have shown network performance improvements of 3-5x depending on packet size.
  • Carrier-Grade Networking: VMware vCloud NFV-OpenStack 3.0 will deliver a range of new carrier-oriented networking capabilities and enable the extension of the Virtual Cloud Network to CSPs.
  • Intent-Based Service Assurance: With intent-based assurance CSPs in the country can define operational and business intent for the network and continuously verify performance against the defined intent through Day 0, Day 1 and Day 2 operations. New capabilities include service onboarding and operations; capacity planning, forecasting and reclamation; advanced issue isolation and remediation; and dynamic performance optimization.

VMware vCloud NFV-OpenStack 3.0 will also add VMware Integrated OpenStack 5-Carrier Edition, (one of the first commercial OpenStack distributions) to comply with the OpenStack Foundation’s 2018.02 interoperability guidelines.