Websense opens data center in Singapore

Websense has expanded its global footprint in offering cloud-based Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to Singaporean companies. This new facility supports cloud and hybrid web and mobile security delivering protection within the region.

The facility resides in a space the company rented from a local data center provider based on a number of criteria which are critical to  ISO27001 compliance.

Websense Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) provides a deployment path for the Websense Cloud web and mobile security products. SaaS shifts security inspection, enforcement, and management processes from the customer’s location to globally available datacenters �?in the cloud’. With this infrastructure, web and mobile security services can be deployed across large and small offices located around the world in minutes. Customers gain the benefits of the industry’s leading content security solutions, providing sophisticated protection against data-stealing modern malware.

The service offers Singaporean customers a highly scalable, fault-tolerant infrastructure with multiple ISP connections, and redundant power and cooling so there is no single point of failure. Each facility meets the very highest security standards and the Cloud Security service is independently reviewed and certified to meet the most demanding security accreditation in the industry, ISO 27001. 

“Singapore is an important market for us and we are seeing a global increase in demand for our security solutions in the cloud,” says Spencer Parker, Group Product Manager.

Parker adds the service supports the Websense TRITON cloud-enabling architecture providing protection against modern malware. “Our Singaporean customers will benefit from the availability of Websense Cloud providing localized content and speed of service. This also gives them the option to implement a hybrid security solution that enables our customers’ security policies to follow them wherever they go.”

To help customers address compliance issues, Websense says its cloud services serve all levels of the compliance and provide the tools to ensure that users are using the Internet in a way which conforms with the company policy while delivering malware protection which is critical in maintaining compliance at the industry or government levels.

Real-time security

Websense real-time security can be quickly deployed across the full spectrum of departments within an organization and across remote workers to HQ location maintained 24×7 by global security experts.

The company’s cloud-based security service for Apple iOS devices on wireless mobile networks, Websense TRITON Mobile Security, combines four key elements for effective unified mobile security: content-aware data security, industry-leading web security, malicious app protection and mobile device management (MDM).

According to the company, Websense Cloud eliminates the cost of buying on-premise appliances and deploying, upgrading, and maintaining on-premise hardware. This especially benefits organizations looking to provide web security for multiple branch offices that don’t have their own IT resources.

Cloud web security can reduce bandwidth costs by eliminating the need to route remote office or mobile-user traffic back to a central location for filtering.

“When companies are ready to expand web security coverage to new offices or users, it is usually a matter of a few simple system configurations. There’s no need to send IT staff to remote offices, deploy an appliance, or provide ongoing appliance support,” said the company.