Windows 7 marks first anniversary in Asia

Since its debut on 22nd October 2009, Windows 7 has become the fastest selling PC operating system ever, with over 240 million licenses sold to date. This translates to over seven copies sold per second across all markets.
In Asia, Microsoft is aiming to have Windows 7 deployed on more than 40% of the region’s PC installed base by the end of 2011. In the corporate sector, Microsoft is on course to have Windows 7 installed on around 1.5 million PCs in businesses across Asia in the same period.
As the Asian markets improve, businesses are now looking to upgrade their IT infrastructure with a view to raising productivity and controlling costs.
According to a recent survey by global research firm IDC, 89% of businesses globally are already under way with their Windows 7 migrations.
“For many organisations, the last major desktop refresh was eight years ago or more and the issue facing companies today is not if, but when and how they will move to Windows 7,” said Joseph Sweeney of Australian research firm IBRS.
For example, in Japan, more than 8,000 companies of all sizes have deployed Windows 7 and in New Zealand, roughly 80% of Microsoft’s enterprise customers are trialing Windows 7.
“The need to reduce costs and boost productivityare demands faced by IT managers around the world,” said Andrew Pickup, Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft Asia Pacific. “There’s clear evidence that Windows 7 helps organizations save money with research showing that companies can save US$140, per PC, per year with Windows 7 while increasing the productivity of their core asset: their people.”
Research firm, Dimensional Research, found that 55% of IT managers they spoke to were going to deploy Windows 7 by the end of 2010. CIOs are seeing the need to migrate to Windows 7 to achieve benefits for their organisations such as improving client security, avoiding increased support costs and increasing user satisfaction. Another key reason for the migration is avoiding operating system obsolesces.
Vietnamese plastics manufacturer Dai Dong Tien Corp implemented Windows 7 to realize productivity gains against its current Windows XP platform. According to IT staff at Dai Dong Tien Corp, Windows 7 enables users to perform tasks 30 percent more quickly than on PCs running Windows XP. Dai Dong TienCorp was also able to use most of its existing hardware to support Windows 7, without having to upgrade machines.