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Alize Drink Review

Why There Need to Be A Container of Alizé in Your Refrigerator Right NowYou keep in mind, Alizé, right? That neon yellow (or “bleu”) liquor in the clear glass container with the seductive, scripted red font style? Name dropped by rap artists like Tupac Shakur, Big Deal, and also Dr. Dre; it was ubiquitous in […]

These are 4 questions you need to consider after a data breach

In the EU, GDPR is requiring organisations to disclose data breaches within 72 hours in an effort to protect personal data. Other areas of the world – notably the US – are also considering ways to introduce regulations that compel companies to disclose data breaches sooner. In Singapore, the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) plans to introduce revisions […]

Dell EMC advances server portfolio: Page 2 of 2

Enhanced Security Scale data protection and streamline management of self-encrypting drives with new OpenManage Secure Enterprise Key Manager. This enables customers to centrally manage keys for self-encrypting drives to better secure data at both the drive and server level. New OpenManage FlexSelect Secure capability gives customers the flexibility to adapt and scale their security solutions […]

Artificial intelligence enhances security with a human touch

A security company might seem like an improbable early adopter of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The sector has traditionally relied solely on security officers to watch over malls, banks, housing, public transport, and educational institutions. But that is changing as Singapore-based Certis takes a leading role in adopting AI solutions to transform its business model […]

Microsoft smartens up Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft is introducing new artificial intelligence capabilities for developers on the company’s Azure cloud platform. An enhancement to Azure Cognitive Services, called “Decision,” provides user-specific recommendations for better decision-making. Azure Cognitive Services is a collection of APIs to intelligent algorithms that developers can tap to perform image recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, anomaly detection, and […]