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Monday, May 27th, 2019

Barracuda Networks

Security top concern for organizations transitioning to SD-WAN

We're excited to announce that we've recently completed a global study on SD-WAN adoption in business, and the results are now available to the public. As we've often done in the past, Barracuda commissioned Vanson Bourne to conduct the study and compile the stats that informed our conclusions.

How to protect yourself from cyberattacks – Understanding attackers’ motives

It may seem counter-intuitive to place the motives and methods of attackers on a pedestal, but there is immense value in doing so. Today’s threat landscape demands an ongoing role reversal; which is the ability and desire to emulate the thought process and real-world methodologies of attackers in order to gain visibility and an advantage over the countless “what-if” scenarios that we face.

How layered email security protects staff, data, reputation

As email threats continue to become more targeted, a multi-layered defense is critical in successfully protecting targeted employees, applications and data. 

Threat spotlight: Cybercriminals working hard to take over email accounts

Businesses in Singapore lost more than S$43 million to business email impersonation scams in 2017 alone, up from S$25 million lost in 2016. Most victims were businesses that were deceived with spoofed e-mails that closely resemble genuine e-mail addresses of business partners or contacts they knew. 

Spear phishing -- threat vectors highlight new realities

Not knowing when, where or how phishing and ransomware attacks might succeed in tricking end-users into downloading malware on to their endpoint devices and bypass perimeter defenses exacts a great toll on cybersecurity professionals. 

Network security in cloud-generation firewalls with SD-WAN

One common and persistent misconception about cloud technology is that on-premise security is better than public cloud security. 

Think unconventionally to mitigate cybersecurity risks

Proactively assessing your security posture and focusing on mitigating risk on a constant basis is crucial. Not only will this reduce the probability of an attack actually happening, but it will also enable the ability to remediate and recover your business quickly in the event of exposure.

Poor employee behaviour is greatest email security concern of most APAC companies

Poor employee behaviour is greatest email security concern of most APAC companies

This highlights the need for organisations to include employee awareness and training as part of their email security strategy.

Redefining firewalls for the cloud generation

More attackers will be drawn to explore cloud deployments for weaknesses to exploit.

2018 cybersecurity predictions: Cutting-edge tools, tactics in play

2017 has seen major global cybersecurity threats and incidents, including Wannacry and NotPetya, leading to breaches of highly sensitive data of hundreds of millions records globally. Therein lies the question – Will we see even more cyberattacks in 2018? A handful of industry experts from Barracuda share their thoughts on the growing security challenges and technology developments they expect to see in the coming year.

1) Mass vs targeted ransomware
Eugene Weiss, lead platform architect, Barracuda