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Sunday, May 26th, 2019


Humans cause nine out of ten data breaches in the cloud

First iOS trojan exploiting Apple DRM design flaws infects any iOS device

Incidents in public cloud infrastructure are more likely to happen because of a customer’s employees rather than actions carried out by cloud providers.

Qantas' cloud-based flight sim saving millions in fuel

The Constellation system simulates thousands of possible flight paths based on millions of data points.

HPE introduces systematic approach to hybrid cloud


Hewlett Packard Enterprise has announced HPE Right Mix Advisor, an offering that helps businesses develop their hybrid cloud strategies with confidence.

Top five tips for data integration in the cloud

Knowing where the data lies is of paramount importance before starting any data integration strategy.

Moving ERP to the cloud? Expect delays

Businesses are attracted to cloud ERP systems by their scalability and security patch automation, but compliance challenges and difficulties in moving sensitive data to the cloud are still a concern, a study by the Cloud Security Alliance reveals.

Why IBM/Red Hat just might become a cloud powerhouse

AWS clearly leads the cloud pack among CIOs, and Microsoft has earned the No. 2 spot. But it’s not Google who could be No. 3.

Coding, cloud skills are most in demand for network pros

To get ahead, network and data-center professionals should study up on "infrastructure as code" and capitalize on whatever cloud experience they can acquire.

Google strengthens AI bid with new products

Google strengthens AI bid with new products

Google has announced several new products to its AI portfolio.

Oracle evasive after new cloud reporting doesn't deliver results

The enterprise technology vendor has changed how it reports cloud revenues, with the first quarter for the financial year yielding poor results.

How to avoid overspending on cloud

As organizations increasingly turn to cloud infrastructure and software-as-a-service applications costs can soon spiral, so how can your organisation avoid overspending on cloud?