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Thursday, May 23rd, 2019


New feature of Vertiv UPS allows operating efficiency of up to 99%

Commvault Software now enables Hadoop, Greenplum & GPFS big data environments

Vertiv has announced a new feature for the Liebert® EXL S1 line of UPS systems, adding Dynamic Online mode, which allows operating efficiency of up to 99 percent.

Delta showcases range of datacenter infrastructure solutions

Commvault Software now enables Hadoop, Greenplum & GPFS big data environments

Delta showcases InfraSuite, a range of datacenter infrastructure solutions.

Schneider Electric's Smart-UPS On-line UPS system now in Singapore


Schneider Electric’s Smart-UPS On-line, a family of next generation On-Line uninterruptible power supply (UPS) products, is now available in Singapore.

UPS introduces proprietary telematics system to its Singapore delivery fleet

UPS vans and trucks have been equipped with energy informatics sensors that track and transmit more than 200 vehicle-related elements.

Microsoft slashes backup power costs with lithium-ion batteries


It designed a system that's five times cheaper than a traditional data center UPS.

Tool allows remote-monitoring of backup power systems


Cummins Power Generation has introduced a new Web-based system for remote monitoring of backup power systems.

Emerson's scalable UPS provides long backup time

Emerson Network Power’s Liebert ITA UPS is a full-featured, scalable rack-based power protection system designed to provide long backup time.

How to optimize data center power, cooling for cloud

Virtualization, the engine behind cloud computing, introduces challenges to the power and cooling infrastructure of data centers which compromise cloud computing's benefits. Here are four steps to achieve leaner and more efficient cloud computing deployment.

Examining the UPS effect

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems are fundamental to any data center. Their key role is to maintain a secure electrical supply if the mains fails or exceeds acceptable limits.
At the core of any UPS system is its batteries. With growing concerns about 'green' technologies for data centers, selecting the right UPS battery configuration and regular battery maintenance are some of the ways to ensure optimised system performance and improved power efficiencies. 
Battery configuration choices

Turkish hackers strike websites with DNS hack

A Turkish hacking group managed to tamper with Internet addressing records over the weekend, redirecting dozens of websites belonging to companies including Microsoft, UPS and Vodafone to a different web pages controlled by the hackers.