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Sunday, May 26th, 2019

Web application firewall

Premier Management Company secures healthcare data with F5 cloud-based WAF


Using an F5 security solution in the Microsoft Azure cloud, the organization protected its data and ensured compliance with industry regulations, while leveraging the scalability of a robust web application firewall.

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Security boons and banes with serverless computing

Enterprises have generally embraced hybrid and multi-cloud computing as the new normal in IT. Now, industry fervor is brewing around the next generation of cloud infrastructure – serverless computing.

Protecting ‘identity’ perimeter without harming app experience

To streamline processes and make them user-friendly while also preventing attacks, you should also understand how apps enable user access and how apps can be compromised by attackers.

Why identity is the new perimeter for borderless businesses

 Since users no longer distinguish between remote access and on-premises access and they expect to connect from anywhere and on any device, network and security teams must ensure staff remains productive without putting the business or its data at risk. 

How proactive bot defense mitigates automated massive DDoS attacks

Early this year, malware compromised thousands of routers made by the Latvian company MikroTik, attacking a vulnerability made public in April 2018 via CIA hacking tools revealed by Wikileaks. More than 7,500 of the routers are reportedly being spied on by attackers forwarding network traffic data to remote servers. 

Minimizing attack surface in an API-enabled, multi-cloud world

To deploy and manage a vast portfolio of applications across multiple clouds while ensuring security and performance wherever each app resides, you would need to optimize IT infrastructure and processes.

App protection amid evolving app landscape, automated attacks

WAFs remain the top means for securing applications, along with application scanning and penetration testing. Although they are not designed for bot detection and their policy-based approaches cannot adapt or scale to defend against large-scale bot attacks, it is still a preventive security control that significantly reduces the risk of web vulnerability exploitation.

How healthcare institutions bolster defense as cyber attackers eye medical records

Following the July 2018 cyberattack on SingHealth that exfiltrated non-medical personal particulars belonging to some 1.5 million patients, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has directed all financial institutions to tighten their customer verification processes.

Automating Application Deployments with F5 BIG-IP and Puppet

The F5 and Puppet joint solution provides the functionality for operations teams to deploy, automate, and manage the configuration of an entire application infrastructure stack. 

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The 3 AWS web application firewall managed rules you need to deploy now

If you’re just starting out, AWS WAF Managed Rules is a good place to dip your toe into web app security and guard against the most common threats that plague applications (and business) today.