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Friday, May 24th, 2019


Huawei unveils industry's highest-performance ARM-based CPU

ZTE introduces LoRa-based smart meters

Called Kunpeng 920, the new CPU is designed to boost the development of computing in big data, distributed storage, and ARM native application scenarios.

Intel's PC chief talks about 5G, changes in chip design

Intel's Venkata Renduchintala

Intel's Venkata Renduchintala talks about 5G and 8th Generation Core chips

Intel wants to banish cables, connectors with new Broadwell chips


Intel's new Core chips with vPro will support technologies for wireless storage and displays.

The CPU roadmap for 2012

As the brains of most every modern computing gadget, the central processing unit or CPU is an indispensable part of every desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet. The processor crunches the numbers and assigns the tasks, and it's one of the chief pieces of hardware that determine how thick your laptop is or how long your phone’s battery will last.