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Friday, May 24th, 2019


Convenience and security – shall the twain ever meet?

IT security teams’ constant balancing between controlling and relaxing access to critical IT resources to mitigate cyber risks accentuates the gulf between organizations’ need to secure information and end-users’ desire for convenient access to it.

Supporting mobility with evolving data center infrastructure

Data center infrastructure

The connected lifestyle of Millennials puts increasing demands on data center infrastructure. Elise Vadnais, CommScope business development analyst, looks at the trends driving these changes, and how network service providers can keep up with their customers' bandwidth needs.

Why China needs more bandwidth for singles on November 11

Gavin Milton-White

Mark this this date down in your calendar – November 11, 2017.

Millennials push for public cloud, innovation

Millennials are moving into IT decision-maker roles in their organizations. A study by Microsoft and Wakefield Research suggests they are more likely than their non-millennial peers to push their organizations to embrace the public cloud and adjust IT policies to better enable innovation.

Your network: now serving millennials

In this report, CommScope finds out how they are shaping the networks of tomorrow.

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Study reveals the 5 workplace personality types of millennials

Study reveals the 5 workplace personality types of millennials

Despite sweeping generalizations about how millennials behave, the study shows that these business leaders have diverse traits which align them with five workplace personality types.

Influx of millennials to impact talent strategies of Asia-Pacific firms


Millennials entering the workforce is identified as the top labor market shift affecting workforce strategy of Asia-Pacific firms, followed by globalization of labor supply. 

How IT can prepare for Windows 8-packing employees

At a recent Intel event held to showcase upcoming Windows 8 hardware, Lauren Berger, blogger and author of "All Work No Play," delivered the opening presentation. Berger's topic was the life of a millennial, a group she considers herself a part of. As I am from a different, older generation, I don't have the same insight into millennials that Berger has. She is far better explaining what this powerful group of buyers is looking for than I would be.