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Monday, May 27th, 2019


Winning hearts: the secret to getting users onboard the cloud

How a hospital in Thailand took just three months to get users with varying degrees of IT literacy to jump onboard a new cloud-based hospital information system.

Thai state telcos ordered to stop cloud, retail services

CAT Telecom and TOT Corporation were told to focus on providing wholesale services.

Amazon EC2 slows as Thailand ramps up surveillance

A network engineer at a dot com operating in Bangkok said that access to Amazon EC2 servers via CAT’s IIG was slow and intermittent while Digital Ocean remained unaffected. Reverse traceroute analysis from the various servers pinpointed the problem on the CAT network on the inbound side.

Thai schools may not get Office 365 for free after all

Microsoft quietly zapped the word 'free' from a press release announcing the deal to provide the cloud suite to millions of Thai students.


Thailand’s Betagro Group cuts costs by 7% with cloud

Thailand-based agro-industry and food business Betagro Group has boosted the performance of its cloud-based applications after deploying products from Ariba Network

Fujitsu starts private cloud service from Thai data center

Fujitsu has launched a cloud service that will deliver reliable private cloud environments from its data center in Thailand. This service is targeted at Thailand-based Japanese SMBs who want to start small in terms of an ICT environment but quickly build their capabilities.

Jebsen & Jessen refreshes strategy in Thailand

Jebsen & Jessen Communications (JJC), a contact center solutions and consulting company, has refreshed its focus on Thailand with a priority being value added services. 

IDC: 2013 last call for CIO transformation

“2013 will be the last call for CIO transformation,” said Sandra Ng, vice president of IDC Asia Pacific’s Practice Group at the recent Asia-Pacific ICT 2013 Top 10 Predictions Forum. “The KPIs for IT departments and CIOs are beginning to change."

Fujitsu addresses cloud-era innovation, integration, infrastructure

Fujitsu, the world’s third largest IT services provider, collaborated with key partners to launch its first Fujitsu Day solutions conference roadshow last month. At the event, Fujitsu Asia’s regional CEO Gavin Selkirk, urged CIOs and COOs to get past the fixation on just information alone, and adopt the larger mindset of spurring a better grasp of innovation, integration and infrastructure. 

SiS Thailand banks on Brocade cloud-ready network

Driven by the need to establish a cloud-ready infrastructure, SiS Distribution (Thailand) PCL has deployed Brocade switches and fabric technology to underpin its data center network.