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Monday, May 27th, 2019

Web application protection

Protecting ‘identity’ perimeter without harming app experience

To streamline processes and make them user-friendly while also preventing attacks, you should also understand how apps enable user access and how apps can be compromised by attackers.

Why identity is the new perimeter for borderless businesses

 Since users no longer distinguish between remote access and on-premises access and they expect to connect from anywhere and on any device, network and security teams must ensure staff remains productive without putting the business or its data at risk. 

Minimizing attack surface in an API-enabled, multi-cloud world

To deploy and manage a vast portfolio of applications across multiple clouds while ensuring security and performance wherever each app resides, you would need to optimize IT infrastructure and processes.

Juniper security products use device-fingerprinting as way to detect, block attacks

Juniper Networks has rolled out a battalion of security products and services to protect corporate networks, stating that when it comes to defensive measures, security attacks can be better prevented by determining device-fingerprinting rather than blocking attacks based on IP address.