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Sunday, May 26th, 2019

Data Center and Infrastructure

10-to-400G structured cabling guide

With the continued requirement for expansion and scalability in the data center, cabling infrastructures must provide reliability, manageability, and flexibility. Deployment of an optical connectivity solution allows for an infrastructure that meets these requirements for current and future data rates – all the way to 400G.

Analyzing the benefits and tradeoffs of deploying structured cabling in a data center begins with the network equipment and its continuously evolving offerings from major transceiver, switch, server, and storage manufacturers.

Data center applications, networks, and optical transceivers are evolving very quickly. The timeline for migration is different for every data center, depending on technology needs, budget, size, and organizational priority. Educating yourself on 40/100/400G, evaluating your current cabling infrastructure, and beginning plans for implementation will ensure a smooth, trouble-free migration. We will be here to help you in each step.

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