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Sunday, May 26th, 2019

IT asset management

Achieve better user experience with application performance monitoring and troubleshooting

Gone are the days when IT was primarily about on-site infrastructure and network. With more and more businesses moving into the cloud, companies now have lower infrastructure costs, meaning that they can focus more on the software side and improve customer satisfaction.

This has resulted in evolved web application development. Today's web applications are no longer restricted to a few lines of code on a single server. Instead, they are a complex collection of distributed software components and cloud services that enable even more complex business services.

With all this added complexity, though, comes the risk that one component could slow down the entire application, despite a strong and resilient architecture. Moreover, today's users and employees demand applications that are lightning fast and, allow work from anywhere and on any device.

We can say that the job of a typical DevOps team has become much more complex and complicated today. They need to be constantly on the alert and keep track of the performance issues plaguing their applications, which means that application performance monitoring (APM) tools are essential. Download this document to learn more.

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