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Monday, May 1st, 2017

Software as a Service

Alcatel-Lucent Case Study

Alcatel-Lucent's Small Cells Business Unit develops ultra-small base station products supporting both 3G and 4G mobile networks. These devices allow users to obtain a better signal in areas where network coverage or capacity has historically been poor, such as inside large buildings, in remote homes, or within crowded stadiums. Due to their role in the network, Alcatel-Lucent products require having the highest
levels of reliability so that customers are never without service. The need for high reliability and availability means that Alcatel-Lucent has to rigorously test all products at every stage of their development, including the millions of lines of software code required for each product. This is an expensive process to complete within the short release cycles required by the rapidly expanding Small Cell market.

With set deadlines in place for the delivery of products, being able to accurately predict the quality of the code within a product is key to the development process. Any tool that can speed up the testing process, reducethe costs involved and improve code quality is invaluable to the delivery of high availability products. Predictability is another key area, as other parts of the wider business are dependent upon the Small Cells unit hitting its deadlines in order to meet customer commitments. Given this range of complex pressures and demands, Alcatel-Lucent selected Coverity Quality Advisor (QA) to support the production of its small cell products.

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