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Sunday, May 26th, 2019

Data Center and Infrastructure

Characterization of modal dependence of MMF chromatic dispersion

The rapid growth of network traffic requires ever higher data rates in the data center. To design a new wideband multimode fiber, the effects of the modal and chromatic dispersion (CD) need to be considered. The effect of launch condition on the CD can become more relevant since it is a source of noise that can restrict accurate CD characterization. This is more relevant now since the TIA study group responsible for developing SWDM using a new type of MMF has started a CD R&R Round Robing among main suppliers of MMF solutions.

In this paper, we improved the accuracy of both the absolute values of CD and its variation among modes. Our measurement set-up consists of a supercontinuum white light source with a narrow temporal width pulse (6 ps FWHM), a monochromator, a computer controlled offset launch mechanism, and a sampling scope with an Agilent* 86105C photodetector plugin module. Using this set-up, it is possible to observe high accuracy and repeatability of the zero dispersion wavelength and dispersion slope of the majority of the mode groups excited in the MMF.

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