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Monday, May 27th, 2019

Data Center and Infrastructure

High performance applications with the Dominion KX III

Broadcasters, control rooms, and others using high performance applications have many challenging needs. Operators and technicians require ultra-fast access to multiple servers and workstations in time-critical environments, and support for high-definition digital video and audio, the ability to switch quickly between applications, low latency, and support for dual video and monitors are common needs. In addition, IT, engineering, and other departments also require access to these computers. Many customers operate in 24x7 or multisite environments requiring LAN, WAN, and emergency out-of-hours access.

Three generations of Dominion KX switches have provided IT and lab managers anytime, anywhere IP access to a wide variety of applications for over a decade. The KX III provides enterprise-wide, out-of-band, BIOS-level IP access with virtual media and remote power control. The popular virtual media feature allows administrators to load software, transfer files, and even boot a server from a USB drive, CD/DVD, or ISO image. By connecting Raritan’s PX intelligent rack PDUs, administrators can power-cycle hung servers remotely, saving them trips to the data center. Download to learn more about the KX III.

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