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Monday, May 27th, 2019


How Alibaba Cloud’s Cloud Enterprise Network helps multinationals build cross-region hybrid enterprise networks

Imagine a fictional multinational retail company, Craigs International, located in the United States with multiple global offices, having expansion plans to expand to six additional countries, including China.

However, various problems have hindered the company’s expansion goals. Just like other fast-growing, multinational companies, Craigs International has so much it wants to achieve, but doesn’t have enough cash flow to make it all a reality.

Craigs International’s key demands include:

  • Minimize OPEX by deploying business on the cloud
  • Reduce overall latency for seamless communication
  • Connect its global offices within the United States, China, and elsewhere

This whitepaper provides an overview of how Craigs International leveraged Alibaba Cloud’s technology solutions, including Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN), Virtual Private Network (VPN) Gateway, and Smart Access Gateway (SAG), to build a global enterprise network. Alibaba Cloud’s solutions helped them improve business operations, increase efficiency, maximize profitability, and reduce OPEX and CAPEX costs.
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