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Monday, May 29th, 2017

Data Center Management

Rethinking security for the mobile workforce

Consumerization of IT, cloud computing and virtualization are compelling IT organizations to rethink how security solutions are built, deployed, implemented, and enforced. Find out how this presents an excellent opportunity for IT to finally make businesses more agile and flexible.

Amid increased mobility, the influx of consumer devices, virtualization and the movement of information to the cloud, Cisco proposes an integrated approach to enterprise security.

As mobile workers and teleworkers increasingly access applications and services from beyond the traditional enterprise perimeter, the Cisco Borderless Network Architecture and the Cisco SecureX Architecture seamlessly integrate cloud services, network services, and user services with integrated policy and management to improve workforce productivity, encourage collaboration, and increase customer engagement.

Download the 'Rethinking Security for the Mobile Workforce' white paper to find out more about Cisco's approach to transform the way IT manages, scales, secures and governs networks by linking users, devices, applications, and business processes with the network into a holistic, extensible architecture.