Pay-per-use IoTa-Service goes on trial in Singapore

Organisations in Singapore will soon find it easier to adopt Internet of Things (IoT) applications and technologies in a more cost-effective manner through a common IoT platform. On this platform, resources can be shared without costly investment on infrastructure, connectivity, data analytics and applications.

This platform is a new trial pay-per-use IoT-as-a-Service (IoT-aaS) that ST Engineering Electronics, SP Group and SP Telecom are jointly pursuing. The IoT-aaS is offered on a subscription basis to help enterprises and IoT partners move into the IoT space faster and more cost efficiently. Enterprises can save on set-up cost and select an IoT service that best matches their business needs.

The IoT platform provides a unique advantage as a multi-protocol network solution. IoT partners can also leverage the secure network, thousands of SP Telecom hubs across the country and a multi-edge computing IoT platform to bring their services faster and closer to their customers.

Service is delivered through a centralised IoT platform with advanced data analytics to generate greater insights for predictive actions, thus improving business productivity and enhancing operational efficiency. The platform is also built to optimise shared computing resources, while maintaining independent, secure operations and control for subscribers. This creates an “Open IoT system” that operates as a hassle-free one-stop shop that is reliable and delivers end-to-end connectivity for seamless IoT deployment. This is easier than having to approach and negotiate with multiple facility owners and deploying over multiple locations.

IoT partners can jointly build smart city applications like smart, energy-efficient, green buildings along with next-generation intelligent cloud network and multi-access edge computing infrastructure. Deployment can range from public safety and security systems, transport, public amenities such as street lighting, energy and water resource management, lift monitoring to other facilities management services.