The Thundering Herd

Caprock Canyon State Park

The park suggests going to the tunnel in September to truly obtain the full batty experience. To experience the passage, you must schedule a scenic tour beforehand. For numerous security factors, the general public is not allowed to just walk in as they please.

Lake Theo is located within the Caprock Canyon State Park limits. This 120-surface-acre lake provides site visitors one more layer of outdoor task. The camping area is attractive with a windmill and also quitaque tx lake stock watering tank. Big mesquite and juniper trees border the camp as well as provide some separation in between websites.

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Lighted locations in the park offer shielded lights or components that illuminate just required rooms. What this indicates is that visitors can delight in the large nighttime skies of West Texas without the interference of electrical illumination. As a matter of fact, the park is functioning to become assigned as a dark sky park. Currently, needed lights begins at sundown as well as switches off at dawn. Some areas of the park additionally have motion turned on lights. Caprock Canyons is the excellent location to see constellations as well as witness meteor showers.

Caprock Canyon State Park

The marshy state park is a birder’s paradise, for one. As a result of its relatively remote area and also under-the-radar status, you’ll likely be one of few site visitors at this spectacular park, which is 100 percent part of its beauty.

Read more about the colony at the canyons here. For hook-free swimming, there is a swimming area that does not permit fishing. However, as a result of the environment of West Texas, this location is typically instead dry. If that holds true, swimming north of the dam is suggested. Although Lake Theo does not require a license for fishing, there are some limitations. For trout, anglers can only capture 5 each day, and everyone is restricted to two poles. Channel catfish, crappie, and large and also small-mouth bass can be caught.

Caprock Canyons State Park: The Full Guide

Something that I desire I had actually not come across were ants. I stopped for about a minute or less to get a shot of the lovely wildflowers tinting the landscape, and that was long sufficient for a little army of fire ants to wage war versus my foot.


Lake Theo consists of bass, catfish, and also rainbow trout. In the summertime of 2012 black-tailed prairie pets were reintroduced to a 200-acre location within the park. The area has badlands with mesquite, cacti and also junipers with high grasses, plums, hackberries as well as cottonwoods in the canyons.

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A sight on the way from Fern Cavern back to the trailhead. By far, one of the most usual pet that we saw on the trail was Quail. We inadvertently stirred up numerous coveys along the route. Their abrupt, unanticipated ruptureds of mass flight from the brush as we passed by was surprising in the beginning.

The trailhead was just a 15 min drive from the Broadmoor into the foothills very near the Red Rock Canyon Open Room. I want I had actually had the ability to catch this bison on video clip since it was romping/ bathing itself in the dirt and it was such an attractive sight to see. After we treked caprock canyon horseback riding a bit much longer, we located a small cavern that we couldn’t pass by without checking out. We could not inform specifically what type of animal called the cavern residence, however we can definitely scent their visibility.

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