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Monday, May 27th, 2019

Email and Messaging Management

Safeguarding Your Company Against Email Security Failures

 With new viruses and malware being developed by the hour, employees need to be educated and trained to be vigilant. A tandem approach, using both innovative systems and trained employees, is the best way to dramatically lower the risk of email security failures.

What CIOs need to know about information governance

As enterprises rally to exploit information-driven digital opportunities, most CIOs would prioritize data security and protection in their budgets given the criticality of information as a business asset for growth.

How to archive your way out of 'zombie data' nightmare

In the entertainment world, zombies are portrayed as hordes of mute flesh-hungry ‘undead’ threatening human lives.

6 steps to cut risky PSTs pre- and post-cloud migration

For many organizations transitioning to cloud-based services such as Office 365, management of legacy Personal Storage Table (PST) files has become a major challenge.

Why it pays to travel light on the cloud journey

Most organizations recognize the benefits of moving to cloud-managed services like Office 365 and Amazon Web Services. 

Amazon launches corporate email


The service enables users to send and receive email, manage contacts, share calendars and book resources using Microsoft Outlook, their Web browser, or native iOS and Android email applications.

IBM's new cloud-based enterprise email focuses on social media, analysis

IBM Verse, formerly called Mail Next, fuses e-mails with collaboration and analysis tools.

Cybercrooks spoof payroll service provider emails

Criminals are sending malicious emails that purport to come from payroll services firms in order to infect with malware the computers of payroll administrators from various companies, according to researchers from the SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC).

"For the past couple of weeks, companies that offer outsourced payroll management services have seen their name being abused for phishing scams," SANS incident handler Daniel Wesemann said Sunday in a blog post.

Oracle bugs leave Exchange servers vulnerable to hacks

Microsoft last week warned IT administrators that critical vulnerabilities in code licensed from Oracle could give attackers access to Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2010 systems.

Oracle patched the vulnerabilities in its "Oracle Outside In" code libraries as part of a massive update on July 17 that fixed nearly 90 flaws in its database software.

London Olympics 2012 sparks flame for malicious online activity

The 2012 Olympics in London is an ideal testing location for cybercriminals seeking to profit from social engineering.
In addition to scams concerning free game tickets and TV cards, Trend Micro has reported an overall increase in fraudulent sites claiming to offer free ‘live’ broadcasts of the games. Some of these phony sites contained links for the purchase of cheap albeit fake Olympics tickets.