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Saturday, May 25th, 2019

Broadband your WAN

Moving Beyond the Branch Router (Part 1)

SD-WAN spells end of the road for branch routers

Network engineers are realizing that eliminating the physical router doesn’t eliminate their ability to route application traffic across the WAN. What are the advantages of SD-WAN that are triggering this change of mind? Read on and see the light.

Why 2018 will be the year of the (SD)WAN

SD-WAN is the 2018 buzzword

In 2017, SD-WAN has seen the most pickup in enterprises with a lot of locations, such as banks and retail businesses. Next year will see further inroads being made. Read on to find out more.

Harley-Davidson LA rides on powerful SD-WAN solution for cult growth

Harley-Davidson deploys powerful EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution to fuel business growt

With a motto of ‘Ride All Day, Play All Night,’ Las Vegas Harley-Davidson tested and deploys the powerful Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution to connect its employees to the business applications that fuel business growth and customer satisfaction. Since deploying EdgeConnect, Jeremy Jami, Head of IT, hasn’t had any slow internet discussions. Now, he just sits on bikes all day, knowing the business back end is stable and purring like the Harley bike engines.

Five New Rules For The WAN In The Digital Era

Five new rules for the WAN in the Digital Era

It’s safe to say that no one likes change. It makes us uncomfortable and puts us in positions that we are not familiar with. This is certainly true in our personal lives, but it’s also true in our jobs. It seems every time there is some kind of major technology shift everything changes, and IT needs to adapt, adopt new best practices, and develop new skills. Think back to the transition from mainframes to PC computing, TDM voice to VoIP, and physical servers to virtualization.

Advanced SD-WAN: Powering the Cloud-Connected Enterprise

Build a better WAN EDGE with Silver Peak

Today’s cloud-connected enterprise demands a new WAN architecture, an SD-WAN, to meet the performance and security requirements for SaaS and IaaS.

The Path to Breakthrough WAN Performance (Part 1)

Breakthrough WAN Performance with performance-driven SD-WAN

This is the first oart of an article in a series of features focusing on the latest developments in SD-WAN technology.

Not All SD-WANs Are Created Equal: Find Out Why!

Not all SD-WANs are equal

Today there are several fundamentals that nearly every SD-WAN solution offers. Consider these to be basic table stakes in the SD-WAN space.

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Redefining your WAN with Broadband

Your WAN Redefined -- by Broadband

With today’s reality of cloud-based applications, MPLS is no longer sufficient to address today’s WAN requirements. But what if you could replace or reduce your dependency on MPLS? What if you could use more Internet connectivity in a secure, controlled and optimized manner? What if you could guarantee consistent and reliable performance for users  connecting to any applications? And what if you could do all of these while saving up to 90% in WAN costs? Now, you can.

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SD-WAN is Critical for IoT

This article discusses the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), and how having robust architecture such as SD-WAN can help organizations take advantage of this trend.

Improving IT Operations – Key to Business Success in Digital Transformation

This article details how an SD-WAN can improve IT operations leading to successful digital transformation.