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Monday, May 27th, 2019

VoIP and unified messaging management

Top Ten Reasons to Think Outside the Router #8: Garbled VoIP Calls and Pixelated Video

it’s time to move beyond conventional routers and deploy a Silver Peak SD-WAN solution. Learn why the time is now to think outside the router.

IBM warns of rising VoIP cyber-attacks

First iOS trojan exploiting Apple DRM design flaws infects any iOS device

Cyber-attacks using the VoIP protocol Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) have been growing this year accounting for over 51% of the security event activity analyzed in the last 12 months.

NetSfere enables secure communication amongst employees in Singapore banks

NetSfere enables secure communication amongst employees in Singapore banks

Three banks in Singapore, are deploying  Infinite Convergence SolutionsNetSfere as their official, secure internal messaging service, according Dimension Data.

You can now send files with Skype when the recipient is offline


Skype users can also pick up the shared files on any device


BYO collaborative tool (who needs VoIP phones)

Complexity has held back many enterprises from deploying unified communications solutions more aggressively.

Many employees won't mingle with enterprise social software

Achieving solid adoption of these 'Facebook-for-work' tools takes planning, vision, training and effort  

Tolly Test Report: Avaya Scopia® Desktop and Scopia® Mobile versus Polycom RealPresence

From daily telecommuting to international presentations, video conferencing is gaining popularity as a way to connect in the workplace. In this test report, Tolly engineers evaluated the ease-of-use of its Scopia Video Conferencing solution for desktops and mobile versus the desktop and mobile clients for Polycom, Inc. RealPresence. Discover their findings in this whitepaper. 

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VoIP tools: attacks could increase threat

While Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) security may not be the highest priority for many IT security professionals or network administrators, experts are warning that the threat to VoIP communications is increasing.

Patrick Park, network engineer at Cisco and author of Voice over IP Security, said attackers have many different methods and tools for manipulating and intercepting VoIP communications.