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Monday, May 1st, 2017

Vulnerability Management

Nine Metadata Use Cases: How to Use Metadata to Make Data-Driven Decisions

We have reached the point where a company receives too much data on its network, but has too little time and resources to sort it and make sense of it all. Gigamon offers a suggestion on how to fix this.

Switching to Next-Gen Endpoint Security

An increasing number of organizations are switching to next-gen endpoint protection to defend against increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats. This solution brief shows how Sophos' Next-Gen Endpoint Protection delivers the protection, usability and support required to stay ahead of the constantly evolving threat landscape.

Synchronized Security: A Revolution in Protection

Businesses have to contend with increased cyber security risks, yet have either not invested in the proper resources - or properly calibrated such resources - to maintain robust defenses against such threats. What is needed is a fresh, radical approach to IT security.

Security blindspots: websites, network architects, and third-party code

Heath security perimeter

Components of a website, what renders on the browser and security vulnerabilities to the enterprise


An Analytics-based Approach to Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Analytics Based Approach

Since the Google Aurora incident announced in 2010, large organizations have faced a steady stream of APTs and targeted cyber-attacks. In some cases, these attacks have led to costly data breaches at organizations like Anthem, Inc., JPMorgan Chase, Sony Pictures, and Target. Enterprise organizations must come to grips with the new cybersecurity realities and requirements by altering their philosophies and embracing an early detection and rapid response and coordination strategy.

The Evolving Threat Landscape in 2016


The threat landscape is in a constant state of evolution and the arms race between cyber guardians and cyber criminals has been heating up dramatically over the course of the last year.

Researchers play cat and mouse with Google's anti-phishing Chrome extension


Security researchers found nine different ways to defeat Google's Password Alert extension for Chrome  

Google discloses unpatched Windows vulnerability


Microsoft didn't fix the bug within a 90-day deadline Google imposed  

No patch yet for zero day in Symantec Endpoint Protection software driver


While without a total rememdy, Symantec has published recommendations for mitigating the danger. 

How to create awareness of the insider threat

The question for businesses is how to train employees to tactfully recognize the signs of a malicious insider, without creating widespread distrust within an organization.