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Monday, May 27th, 2019

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Five New Rules For The WAN In The Digital Era

Five new rules for the WAN in the Digital Era

It’s safe to say that no one likes change. It makes us uncomfortable and puts us in positions that we are not familiar with. This is certainly true in our personal lives, but it’s also true in our jobs. It seems every time there is some kind of major technology shift everything changes, and IT needs to adapt, adopt new best practices, and develop new skills. Think back to the transition from mainframes to PC computing, TDM voice to VoIP, and physical servers to virtualization.

Gain the speed to lead with the VSPEX cloud trailblazer

Cloud computing and virtualization are transforming the way IT is procured, managed and delivered within mid-sized companies. IT executives and administrators are under pressure to respond to new sets of business requirements and expectations faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Find out how EMC's VSPEX Proven Infrastructure is helping mid-sized businesses develop the agility to deliver reliable and better services to an increasingly diverse set of users while reducing both capex and opex.

For open source vs. proprietary, AWS might have it both ways

If it’s careful to do its own open source too, AWS could mine Google’s open source investments for a long time.

F5 and NGINX: Bridging the divide

F5 and NGINX could bridge a divide—between applications and infrastructure and between the developer and operations.

Lessons from the edge: deploying SD-WAN

Applying software-defined (SD) networking to the wide area networks (WANs) that connect enterprises over large geographic areas helps them move their workloads from one edge to another.

Scrambled thoughts on 7 security and risk management trends for 2019

According to the analyst these “top” trends are ongoing strategic shifts in the security ecosystem that are not yet widely recognized but are expected to have broad industry impact and significant potential for disruption.

Spear phishing: Why targeted email attacks are so hard to stop phishing attacks began as Nigerian prince scams in the mid-1990s, today they have morphed into well-researched and targeted campaigns that are both highly effective and incredibly difficult to stop.

Top five tips for data integration in the cloud

Knowing where the data lies is of paramount importance before starting any data integration strategy.

Defining DevOps success: The 5 stages of DevOps evolution

DevOps is changing the way organizations look at application and infrastructure solutions today.

Why you shouldn't rush into the cloud

Don't get pressured into enterprise application decisions that go against the best interests of your organization.