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Monday, May 1st, 2017


Gain the speed to lead with the VSPEX cloud trailblazer

Cloud computing and virtualization are transforming the way IT is procured, managed and delivered within mid-sized companies. IT executives and administrators are under pressure to respond to new sets of business requirements and expectations faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Find out how EMC's VSPEX Proven Infrastructure is helping mid-sized businesses develop the agility to deliver reliable and better services to an increasingly diverse set of users while reducing both capex and opex.

Fragmentation: the silent killer in security management

Uniting teams and tools

How to overcome the detection deficit and reduce the gap between tools and teams

Sensitive data often follows former employees out the door


Almost 70 percent of employees take data on their way out. Here's how to stop it.

IT leaders say it's hard to keep the cloud safe

Cloud Security

Shadow IT causing cloud trouble by illicitly working behind the scenes

4 things to watch for in your cloud blind spots

Just as you need to be aware of blind spots when you drive your car, you also need to check for blind spots as you move your company to the cloud. Dazzled by the agility, capital expenditure reductions, efficiencies, and productivity gains the cloud offers, many chief information officers miss four dangers that are hidden in plain sight.

Blind Spot No. 1: Security in the public cloud is a shared responsibility

The rising security risk of the citizen developer

The rising security risk of the citizen developer

Citizen developers may help enterprises to develop apps more quickly, but what is this new breed of developer going to do to enterprise security?

4G vs LTE: What's the difference?

4G vs LTE: What's the difference?

Tech jargon is confusing at the best of times, but 4G is a real minefield. We explain the differences between 4G and LTE to help you understand.

Are we ready to bid the SIEM farewell?

Are we ready to bid the SIEM farewell?

Shortcomings in the SIEM technology and the next-gen technology intended to replace the existing tools

The year of the Cloud

The Year of the Cloud

Business agility and availability to become a hot focus for local businesses in 2017

Still hunting for that one firewall to keep today’s cyber threats at bay?

If you are a small business and thinking that hackers may not be interested in your data, you might want to re-assess that conclusion. If you are a big enterprise – or even a government organization – and thinking that your high investment on security solutions will keep you safe from cyber threats, you might likewise want to re-evaluate your opinion.