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Friday, May 24th, 2019


The State of Application Services 2019 — Asia Pacific Executive Summary

The result of latest F5's flagship survey, published in a report entitled "The State of Application Services 2019" is out.

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Cloud computing trends for 2019

Cloud computing is a fast moving beast, with new trends and technologies popping up all the time.

This is the year apps start to show their real value

This is the year apps start to show their real value

5G is poised to go live in many cities globally in 2019.

Has the time come for you network managers to say, 'App team serve thyself'?

It's time to build legitimate scalable self-service interfaces for your app teams.

4 trends giving CISOs sleepless nights

IoT attacks, budget shortfalls, and the skills gap are among the problems keeping security pros up at night.

Who owns application security?

The top owners of app security were: the CIO/CTO at 26%, the Head of Application Development at 21%, and Business Units tying with “no one” at 18%. 

Application services update: Sensitive services may be accessible

It’s time again to dig into the application services organizations are actually using to make apps faster and safer


Industry Breakdowns for the 2018 Application Protection Report

The Application Protection Report provides a practical model for understanding the complexities of web applications and suggests concrete steps that security professionals can take today to protect their applications.

The State of Application Delivery 2018: Digital transformation driving automation and multi-cloud despite security concerns

Based on over 3000 responses from around the globe and spanning every industry and size of the organization, the 2018 State of Application Delivery report shows that 72% of enterprises have ongoing digital transformation initiatives.

The global playing field is leveling out as Europe and Asia take on more DDoS attacks

It’s no surprise to anyone who’s following trends in the DDoS industry that 2017 was absent a major world record-setting DDoS event. The DDoS industry, fresh off the Tbps DDoS attacks launched against OVH and DynDNS by the Mirai thingbot in late 2016, was bracing itself for new record-setting attacks in 2017, but they never happened.