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Saturday, March 23rd, 2019


State of Application Services 2019 Report

In F5's fifth annual survey, nearly 2,000 respondents globally  — across a range of industries, company sizes, and roles — expressed their views about the role of application services in the ongoing process of digital transformation.

Explaining TLS 1.3

The newest version of the TLS protocol was recently approved by the IETF —version 1.3. 

SSL Visibility with SSL Orchestrator

Peter Silva lights up how SSL Orchestrator provides robust decryption/encryption of SSL/TLS traffic.  

#F5Agility18: Sustainable automation and orchestration practices

Nathan Pearce, from F5’s Office of the CTO, recommends that good automation practices now will lead to sustainable orchestrated systems later.

Nuffield Health deploys Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN across 300 sites

Nuffield Health in the UK discusses how it successsfully deployed EdgeConnect across more than 200 sites in less than four months, and now has the bandwidth required to deliver an exceptional quality of service at a lower overall cost.

Calvin Roland: How F5 is innovating

Calvin Rowland, SVP of Business Development at F5, explained how the company is keeping up with the pace of innovation in a multi-cloud world and how it helps its customers do the same.

Wayne’s Vlog Series – Episode 3: Straight to the Cloud

Is there a way to securely connect users to the cloud directly from branch offices? With a Silver Peak-driven SD-WAN Edge, companies can securely connect users directly from branch sites to the cloud, or automatically service chain traffic to industry-leading security infrastructure and services for further inspection, all in accordance with centrally-defined security policies.

Say goodbye to manual programming

Just about anything you are doing manually can be centrally automated: configuring network topology, defining network and security policies for internet traffic, pushing consistent configurations out to all the sites across your WAN, and more. With an application-driven SD-WAN Edge from Silver Peak, you can pretty much automate the configuration of all your sites centrally, and monitor your WAN in real time.

SSL visibility: The ultimate passive inspection architecture

As the march toward a forward secrecy world continues, what options do you have to inspect and act as an intermediary? Join David Holmes as he presents options to maintain visibility in the SSL service chain.

Cisco CLI: The fax machine of IT

This video discusses why, when compared to Silver Peak's SD-WAN, Cisco's CLI router is practically '80s technology, requiring hours of manual programming - hours that could be better served on more productive activities.