52 Ideal & Fun Points To Do In Okinawa

Things to do in Okinawa, JAPAN

Diving The Uss Emmons.

This museum in Okinawa displays products from the 1975 Okinawa International Ocean Exposition which share the oceanic culture of the Asia-South Pacific region of the 1970s. The Wonder museum located inside the property consists of workshops as well as interactive exhibits so children can have hands-on experience. You’ll see why numerous visitors from around the globe visit Okinawa, Japan all year long.

Sean Pavone/ ShutterstockKouri Island is an occupied island situated north of Japan’s Yagaji Island. Northimage/ ShutterstockIf you are looking hamabe gorilla for experience, then the Onna Beachfront Civil Park supplies a variety of things to do in Okinawa.

Okinawa Zoo And Museum.

This is the tiniest museum in Okinawa and it’s detailed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Amongst its long-term display screens are fossils of whales, ammonites, and varied animals of the old seas. Isaac Mok/ ShutterstockOkinawa Prefectural Gallery & Art Museum is the very first Okinawa Prefecture art gallery showcasing Japan’s pre-and postwar era. When you stop at the souvenir store, purchase Okinawa beer or presents to bear in mind your see to Okinawa World. Quit at the tropical orchards and also appreciate the numerous exotic trees and fruits. Mix and Match Workshop/ ShutterstockExplore Japan’s Ryukyu Kingdom period when you go to Okinawa Globe. When you go to the Utaki, you’ll additionally notice sacred rocks and also trees devoted to Gods.

Browse Through Yonaguni Ethnographic Gallery.

The museum sustains projects made to teach people the strategy to environmental concerns. Find emotional keep-sakes, conventional Okinawan crafts, and desserts at the different stores. You’ll discover a comprehensive range of lively glasswork at this village in Okinawa. They load the museum halls with a plethora of historic references attributing to Okinawa’s multiculturalism.

Things to do in Okinawa, JAPAN

Shop For Standard Okinawan Souvenirs.

The Awase Fish Market offers a huge group of fish for all your culinary requirements. Among one of the most social things to do in Okinawa is to taste Japan’s remarkable seafood. If you dive the waters of Kume Island, you may be lucky and detect a turtle. Read more about hamabe gorilla here. Ho Yu Hsuan/ ShutterstockFor those who love turtles, the Sea Turtle Museum of Kumejima uses a variety of species to see. The government of Japan has actually maintained this district as one of Okinawa’s standard areas. Discover just how to make coral lamps, repaint sculptures of sea animal, or carve beach shoes. This Okinawa theme park holds the Ryukyu Village Summer Celebration yearly.

Things to do in Okinawa, JAPAN

Read more about hamabe gorilla here. Zieger (Z哥)/ flickrOne of Okinawa’s most popular theme parks is Ryukyu Mura. Visitors can see gone to see the sea bottom covered with a coral reef, clownfish, and a lot more. okimo/ ShutterstockIn Ishigaki Island, Kariba Bay is home to eco-friendly coral gardens separated by an emerald blue sea and also white sands. The shallow salt water is optimal for swimming and also gazing at the stars during the night.

Yachimun & Café Gunjo offers genuine Italian food offered on Tsuboya Yaki pottery. If you are an Awamori aficionado, you’ll appreciate checking out the Kamimura Shuzo when you go to Japan. In traditional Okinawan style, the red tiles on the rooftop emphasize the adjacent forest.