10 cloud predictions for 2014

It’s the time of year when darkness comes early and people begin to sum up how this year has gone and next year will unfold. It’s also the time of year that predictions about developments in the technology industry over the next 12 months are in fashion. I’ve published cloud computing predictions over the past several years, […]

Why a structured approach to security cuts mobility risks

IT leaders are facing an uphill task overcoming security problems stemming from supporting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and enterprise mobility amid an explosion of personal devices and applications accessing the network. Alarming statistics from Dimension Data’s recent Secure Enterprise Mobility Report reveals that 90% of survey respondents do not have the capability to stop employees using their […]

All apps are created equal

In every data center, there are applications that are essentially treated like they are just not important enough to warrant the investment it takes to provide reliability, security and performance-related services. The problem is, they are important. If the organization made the investment to have the application developed or to purchase it, it is important. […]

Bogus antivirus program uses a dozen stolen signing certificates

A fake antivirus program in circulation uses at least a dozen stolen digital code-signing certificates, indicating cybercriminals are increasingly breaching the networks of software developers, Microsoft wrote on Sunday. The application, branded as “Antivirus Security Pro,” was first detected in 2009 and has gone by a handful of other names over the years, according to […]

IBM lays plans to be a cloud storage broker

IBM is developing software that will allow organizations to use multiple cloud storage services interchangeably, reducing dependence on any single cloud vendor and ensuring that data remains available even during service outages. Although the software, called InterCloud Storage (ICStore), is still in development, IBM is inviting its customers to test it. Over time, the company […]