Aussie girls’ school upgrades campus infrastructure to support BYOD, eBook program

Students at Melbourne’s Ruyton Girls’ School, one of Australia’s leading independent girls schools, are now able to enjoy new online learning opportunities after deploying a new core IT network from Brocade. Established in 1878, and with a reputation for excellence in the education of girls and young women, Ruyton Girls’ School is consistently placed among […]

NSA spying scandal accelerating China’s push to favor local tech vendors

While China’s demand for electronics continues to soar, the tech services market may be shrinking for U.S. enterprise vendors. Security concerns over U.S. secret surveillance are giving the Chinese government and local companies more reason to trust domestic vendors, according to industry experts. The country has always tried to support its homegrown tech industry, but […]

Votiro launches free cloud-based file sanitization service

Votiro, provider of the Secure Data Sanitization solution for protecting organizations against zero-day and other ongoing cyber-threats, has launched a free cloud-based file sanitization service. Votiro’s new file sanitization service analyzes uploaded files for the presence of malicious code and facilitates the quick neutralization of zero-day exploits and the detection of trojans, viruses and worms. […]

VMware vSphere 5.5 bulks up with more muscle, high-availability

VMware’s latest salvo in its virtualization war with Microsoft is vSphere 5.5, which features a host of improvements, the most interesting being high availability, support for Big Data/Hadoop and improved storage and backup. The ongoing battle pits Microsoft’s Hyper-V V3 hypervisor and the Microsoft System Center 2013 management platform, now with R2 updates, against vSphere […]

Worm may create an Internet of Harmful Things, says Symantec (Take note, Amazon)

Security researches are gradually raising warnings that the Internet of Things will increase, by multitudes, the number of things that can be hacked and attacked. Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 movie thriller The Birds illustrates what can happen when systems are corrupted. The Hitchcockian plotlines are endless. Replace The Birds with flying Amazon delivery drones. Or imagine, […]

Where we stand with SDN

One gauge of industry progress on the software-defined networking front is the momentum of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), the user-lead group that is spelling out the core SDN standards and championing the cause. According to Marc Cohn, chairman of the ONF Market Education Committee and senior director for market development at Ciena, the ONF […]