Equinix introduces Solution Validation Centers in eight data centers globally

Equinix has established Solution Validation Centers in eight key markets around the world. The Solution Validation Center provides a demonstration and proof-of-concept testing environment that enables prospective and existing Equinix customers to assess and measure the performance of application platforms and new deployments from secure, highly connected and globally distributed International Business Exchange (IBX) data […]

Cybercriminals target Silverlight users with new exploit kit

The creators of a Web-based attack tool called Angler Exploit Kit have added an exploit for a known vulnerability in Microsoft’s Silverlight browser plug-in to the tool’s arsenal. Exploit kits are essentially malicious Web applications that check if visitors run outdated software on their computers and then exploit vulnerabilities in that software to install malware. […]

Alcatel-Lucent says focus on fast broadband, IP is key to comeback

With its new-found focus on IP networking and fast broadband access, Alcatel-Lucent is poised to take advantage of a worldwide explosion in mobile devices and the rush of service providers and operators to the cloud, company executives said at the networking vendor’s tech symposium this week. At the conference, ending Friday, Alcatel-Lucent executives fleshed out […]

Huawei underscores commitment to accelerating enterprise network transformation

Huawei has introduced the new Agile Network and SDN-enabled S12700 series Agile Switches to the Southeast Asia and South Pacific markets at a company event themed “The Future is Now” in Singapore. Huawei shared insights on industry trends in the network and data center market, and underscored its commitment to accelerating enterprise network transformation for […]

AWS: Our virtual desktop will succeed where others have stumbled

With the launch of a new hosted virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) service called WorkSpaces, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is hoping to convert more enterprises to virtual work environments, something other IT companies have enjoyed only modest success in doing. “Before today, VDI was very challenging. There was a lot of complexity and cost,” said Matt Wood, […]

Adobe patches critical vulnerabilities in Flash Player, ColdFusion

Adobe Systems released security updates for Flash Player, AIR and ColdFusion to fix critical vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to take control of affected systems or read information from servers without authorization. The updates for Flash Player and Adobe AIR, an Internet rich application runtime with Flash support, fix two memory corruption vulnerabilities that could […]

Arbor Networks introduces cloud-based anti-DDoS service

Arbor Networks today introduced its first cloud-based distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) mitigation service to protect enterprises against large-scale attacks intended to swallow up available bandwidth or knock application servers offline. The Arbor DDoS mitigation service could be applied to filter out unwanted attack traffic at up to about 280Gbps or even higher, according to Gary Sockrider, […]