Enterprises from emerging economies adopt IBM cloud to drive growth and expansion

IBM has announced that two organizations from emerging economies have selected IBM cloud to drive business expansion, enable growth, and offer new customer services. The organizations are TienPhnong Bank of Vietnam and Surfline Communications of Ghana. Cloud computing has emerged as a key enabler for business transformation. According to industry reports the global cloud revenue […]

Software AG launches webMethods 9.5

Software AG has launched the next version of the webMethods 9.5 platform at its annual Innovation World user’s conference in San Francisco. The focus at this year’s Innovation World is on how to maximize the new business opportunities and competitive advantages provided by the increasing digitization of the business world and the public sector. The […]

Microsoft buys multifactor authentication vendor PhoneFactor

Microsoft has bought multi-factor authentication specialist PhoneFactor with the goal of integrating the company’s technology into its cloud services and on-premises applications. PhoneFactor, based in Overland Park, Kansas, sells phone-based multi-factor authentication products for enterprises. Its technology was designed to work with both Microsoft enterprise products and with platforms from other vendors. “Following this acquisition, […]

Preparing for DDoS attacks

Preparing for DDoS attacksBy Laura B. Smith Not everyone despaired over the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that hit some of the Web’s biggest e-commerce sites in February. Security consultants and developers of security tools seized the opportunity to spotlight their solutions. Simple DoS attacks are not new. During one, a hacker floods a […]

Why businesses are embracing iOS 7

Every now and again, somebody tries to tell Erik Frieberg the same story they told him six years ago–that the iPhone is made for play, and that the iOS operating system isn’t really built for business and enterprise use. Frieberg’s eyes tell him differently. “People talk about iPhones being consumer devices, not enterprise,” said Frieberg, […]