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Our readers have made their choices, and here are the 27 winning products across 25 categories (there's a tie in two categories)! 462 technology directors and IT project leaders from user organizations voted online to help us pick the 21 top vendors in our 2010 NWA Readers' Choice Product Excellence Awards.

1. Structured cabling, physical network cabling:
The physical transfer environment (cables, patch-panels, connectors, etc.) upon which a facility’s network relies for internal and external communication
2. Data center power management systems:
Tools for managing the power systems within a data center
3. Data center cooling/temperature management systems:
Tools for managing the temperature within a data center
4. Desktop virtualization solutions:
Solutions that provide the ability to host and centrally manage desktop virtual machines
5. Data center virtualization / unified computing solutions:
Solutions that provide the ability to virtualize and integrate servers, storage and/or Networks
6. Enterprise servers:
An enterprise server is a computer that a server program runs in to provide services to multiple users. It does not necessarily need to take the form of traditional PCs and can be designed as rack or blade servers with key components such as power and shared storage
7. Data center switch / router:
Products that forward/filter voice, data and multimedia through the enterprise network
8. Enterprise wireless LAN solution:
Connectivity solutions that enable users to tap into wireless network applications and resources
9. Consulting and systems integration:
Providing consultancy and systems integration in large or enterprise-wide deployments
10. Managed services:
Service providers who host, provide Internet access or manage entire segments of an enterprise’s IT operations
11. Network multifunction document management:
Software to provide document and print management enterprise-wide
12. Enterprise document and content management:
Software to provide content management online and offline
13. Storage infrastructure:
Disk arrays, SAN, NAS
14. Storage/data management solution:
Software for managing a heterogeneous storage environment
15. Enterprise Unified Threat Management solution:
Appliance used to provide firewall, spam filtering, gateway antivirus protection, intrusion detection or prevention
16. Anti-spyware/malware solution
Software designed to detect unwanted attempts at accessing, manipulating, and/or disabling of computer systems through a network
17. Identity management suite:
Provides discrete identity information of each user in the network along with network log data
18. Surveillance:
Provides IP-based monitoring of facilities and recording of events and people, including video, biometric and identity recognition solutions
19. Network optimization/acceleration:
Products that accelerate and optimize the performance of networks to enable consistent and better service levels for applications being delivered across a wide area network
20. Unified communications & collaboration:
Products that provide a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple communication devices and media types, including videoconferencing
21. Server infrastructure management solution/tool:
Tools to manage and configure data center environments and/or IT infrastructure resources
22. Database Management:
Tools that organize data so that it can be easily accessed, managed and updated
23. ERP Software:
Software used to manage and coordinate all the resources, information, and functions of a business from shared data stores
24. CRM Software:
Software that helps an enterprise manage customer relationships in an organized way
25. Business intelligence and analytics:
Software that helps an enterprise obtain and analyse real-time internal and external market information for more accurate decision making
Trend Micro
Axis Communication
F5 Networks
Alcatel Lucent
SAP Sybase

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