Voting Categories
Big data solution:
Data-as-a-service, data integration technologies, and unstructured data intelligence and analytics for the data center or cloud environment

Cloud infrastructure provider:
Reliable and scalable provision of cloud computing infrastructure for the enterprise

Cloud services provider:
Reliable and scalable provision of cloud-based services and applications for the enterprise

Consulting and systems integration:
Providing consultancy and systems integration in large or enterprise-wide deployments

Data center application delivery/availability:
Tools and solutions that ensure availability and performance of applications and network bandwidth in the data center, providing services such as load balancing and application delivery

Data center cabling solution:
Cabling infrastructure specifically catered to data centers, including intelligent cabling and optical fiber solutions for the data center environment

Data center cooling/temperature management system:
Tools for managing the temperature within a data cente

Data center network switch/router:
Products that forward/filter traffic through the enterprise network

Data storage & management:
Next-generation data storage solutions for managing, storing, backup, recovery, retrieval and analysis of the fast-growing volume, variety and velocity of applications and information

Disaster recovery/business continuity solution:
Solutions that get you back up and continuously running after a disaster or downtime

Enterprise wireless and mobile broadband infrastructure solution:
Connectivity solution that enables users to tap into wireless network applications and resources

High-availability server solution:
Hardware or software solutions that provide the ability for servers to provide reliable uptime for mission-critical applications and information management

Identity management suite:
Provides discrete identity information of each user in the network along with network log data

Managed security services:
Service providers who host, provide or manage the security of enterprise infrastructure, network and Internet access

Network analytics and traffic management:
Solutions and tools that monitor, analyze and manage enterprise network traffic data for network trends and traffic patterns to deliver timely insights for policies to optimize bandwidth, minimize congestion and provide network forensics

Network optimization/acceleration:
Products that accelerate and optimize the performance of networks to enable consistent and better service levels for applications being delivered across a wide area network

Network testing, monitoring & protection:
Tools and services that monitor and test corporate networks, troubleshoot problems and protect integrity of the network infrastructure

Next-generation firewall:
Appliance used to provide intelligent firewall protection to address internal and external threats in a fast-changing information security landscape

Software-defined networking solution:
Network virtualization solutions that allow network administrators to have programmable central control of network traffic and resources without requiring physical access to the network's hardware devices, typically but not necessarily based on OpenFlow standards

Storage infrastructure:
Disk arrays, SAN, NAS

Storage provided on a utility basis or on demand via the cloud

Structured/physical network cabling:
The physical transfer environment (cables, patchpanels, connectors, etc.) upon which a facility’s network relies for internal and external communication

Unified communications & collaboration:
Products that provide a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple communication devices and media types, including videoconferencing and online interaction

Enterprise unified threat management solution:
Appliance used to provide firewall, spam filtering, gateway antivirus protection, intrusion detection or prevention

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