In the fast-changing business IT environment, enterprise needs and demands mean that agility and responsiveness are critical, especially for IT vendors and service providers. While established niche players and traditional IT giants often demonstrate the ability to innovate, scale and transform solutions for businesses, sometimes new players come in to meet new or specific needs and demands even more effectively.

The Readers' Choice Product Excellence Awards recognize solution providers in each technology category which have made the most impact on Asian end-user organizations in 2015, based on votes from qualified readers of NetworkWorld Asia, Networks Asia, Asia Cloud Forum, Security Asia and Storage Asia.

In the Rising Star categories, our readers also have the chance to vote for vendors whose technologies, products or solutions are deemed especially innovative and has great potential in meeting their organization's needs.

N.B. Votes from vendors will be excluded from the final count. Instead, vendors should encourage their customers to vote for them!

01. Reputation of vendor in the marketplace

02. Features and USPs of the solution

03. Widespread acceptance of technology and/or brand

04. Users' feedback on the solution/deployment

05. Durability, scalability and quality of service as contributing factors
Recognizing vendors who have won awards for 3 consecutive years or more
Data center power/cooling management system
Schneider Electric
Data center application delivery/availability
F5 Networks
Network optimization/acceleration
Data center network switch/router
Cisco Systems
Intelligent building infrastructure
Consulting and systems integration
Dimension Data
Managed infrastructure services
Data center hosting/colocation services
Disaster recovery/business continuity solution
Server/Network operating system
Server infrastructure management
Hitachi Asia
Cloud Services Provider
Awarded to the up-and-coming vendors who are growing quickly in size and influence
Networking solution
A10 Networks
Network security solution
Akamai, Gigamon (tie)
Data protection solution
Gemalto (SafeNet)
Data storage & management
SolidFire, Veeam Software (tie)
Data center management
Application development & lifecycle management
Celebrating the 10th year of the Readers' Choice Awards
Structured/physical network cabling
Data center power/cooling management system
Schneider Electric
Data center capacity planning and services
CA Technologies
Data center cabling solution
Desktop virtualization solution
Data center virtualization/integrated system
Data center application delivery/availability
F5 Networks
Network optimization/acceleration
Network testing, monitoring & protection
Fluke Networks (NetScout)
Network analytics and traffic management
Data center network switch/router
Cisco Systems
Software-defined networking solution
Enterprise wireless and mobile broadband infrastructure solution
Ruckus Wireless
Intelligent building infrastructure
Machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity
Bosch Software Innovations
Enterprise server system
High-availability storage solution
Consulting and systems integration
Dimension Data
Managed infrastructure services
Managed security services
Data center hosting/colocation services
Document management
Kofax from Lexmark
Storage infrastructure
Storage/data management solution
Hitachi Data Systems, NetApp (tie)
Backup/archiving solution
Barracuda Networks
Disaster recovery/business continuity solution
Unified threat management solution
Next-generation firewall
Palo Alto Networks
Identity management suite
Check Point, i-Sprint Innovations (tie)
Enterprise mobility management suite
DDoS Protection
F5 Networks
Vulnerability Management & Continuous Monitoring
Tenable Network Security
IP services infrastructure
Contact center solution
Unified communications & collaboration
Server/Network operating system
Server infrastructure management
Hitachi Asia
Cloud infrastructure provider
Cloud Services Provider
Cloud Videoconferencing
Big data solution
1. Structured/physical network cabling:
The physical transfer environment (cables, patchpanels, connectors, etc.) upon which a facility's network relies for internal and external communication
2. Data center power/cooling management system:
Tools for managing the power systems within a data center
3. Data center capacity planning and services:
Provision of advanced infrastructure services and solutions to ensure scalability, low-latency connectivity, energy efficiencies and network/application/data performance of the data center
4. Data center cabling solution:
Cabling infrastructure specifically catered to data centers, including intelligent cabling and optical fiber solutions for the data center environment
5. Desktop virtualization solution:
Solutions that provide the ability to host and centrally manage desktop virtual machines
6. Data center virtualization/integrated system:
Solutions that provide the ability to virtualize and integrate servers, storage and networks
7. Data center application delivery/availability:
Tools and solutions that ensure availability and performance of applications and networked resources in the data center, providing services such as load balancing and application delivery
8. Network optimization/acceleration:
Products that accelerate and optimize the performance of networks to enable consistent and better service levels for applications being delivered across a wide area network
9. Network testing, monitoring & protection:
Tools and services that monitor and test corporate networks, troubleshoot problems and protect integrity of the network infrastructure
10. Network analytics and traffic management:
Solutions and tools that monitor, analyze and manage enterprise network traffic data for network trends and traffic patterns to deliver timely insights for policies to optimize bandwidth, minimize congestion and provide network forensics
11. Data center network switch/router:
Products that forward/filter traffic through the enterprise network
12. Software-defined networking solution:
Network virtualization solutions that allow network administrators to have programmable central control of network traffic and resources without requiring physical access to the network's hardware devices, typically but not necessarily based on OpenFlow standards
13. Enterprise wireless and mobile broadband infrastructure solution:
Connectivity solution that enables users to tap into wireless network applications and resources
14. Intelligent building infrastructure
Builds the infrastructure for intelligent buildings by harnessing info-communication technology, connectivity and building automation systems to provide more efficiency, higher productivity and increased comfort for occupants, including greener use of power, cooling and facilities
15. Machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity
Connectivity solutions for wired and wireless communication between machines, computer equipment, mobile and personal devices to enable applications from automation and instrumentation to telematics to cloud platform-as-a-service and the 'Internet of Things'
16. Enterprise server system:
These servers provide data centers and enterprises with services to multiple users. It does not necessarily need to take the form of traditional PCs and can be designed as rack or blade servers with key components such as power and shared storage
17. High-availability storage solution:
Storage cluster solutions that provide failover for reliable storage of mission-critical applications and data without loss or corruption
18. Data center storage media:
Optical, magnetic tape, SSD or hard-disk recording media for storage of huge volume and variety of data for the data center
19. Consulting and systems integration:
Providing consultancy and systems integration in large or enterprise-wide deployments
20. Managed infrastructure services:
Service providers who host or provide Internet access, or manage segments of an enterprise's IT infrastructure
21. Managed security services:
Service providers who host, provide or manage the security of enterprise infrastructure, network and Internet access
22. Data center hosting/colocation services:
Data centers designed to host or manage enterprise networks, IT or cloud infrastructures
23. Network multifunction document management:
Networked printer and software to provide document and print management enterprise-wide
24. Storage infrastructure:
Disk arrays, SAN and NAS solutions
25. Storage/data management solution:
Tools and software for managing a heterogeneous storage environment
26. Backup/archiving solution:
Provides replication, deduplication, encryption and compression solutions
27. Disaster recovery/business continuity solution:
Solutions that get you back up and continuously running after a disaster or downtime
28. Unified threat management solution:
Appliance used to provide integrated firewall, spam filtering, gateway antivirus protection, intrusion detection or prevention
29. Next-generation firewall:
Appliance used to provide next-generation firewall protection to intelligently address internal and external threats in the fast-changing information security landscape
30. Identity management suite:
Provides discrete identity information of each user in the network along with network log data
31. Enterprise mobility management suite:
Provides end-to-end management and security of mobile devices on a secure and integrated platform for mobile/remote access to corporate networks and IT resources
32. Vulnerability management and continuous monitoring:
Tools and services to scan/test/penetrate network systems and applications for vulnerabilities and potential exposures
33. IP surveillance solution:
Provides IP- or cloud-based camera monitoring of facilities and recording of events and people, including video, biometric and identity recognition
34. IP services infrastructure:
Builds or provide infrastructure solutions for voice, video and other traffic over IP, including automated IPv6 migration
35. Contact center solution:
Products that facilitate, enhance and improve call or contact center operations, especially with regards to customer engagement, information and tracking
36. Unified communications & collaboration:
Products that provide a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple communication devices and media types, including videoconferencing and online interaction
37. Enterprise management software:
Software solutions that allow enterprises to strategize, automate and manage business functions/processes/workflows, including ERP, CRM and project/system management software
38. Business intelligence and analytics:
Solutions that help gather and analyze business/customer data to identify trends and patterns for better business decisions that anticipate and shape events to improve outcomes
39. Application performance management solution/tool:
Tools to manage, configure and optimize data center environments and/or IT infrastructure resources
40. Server/Network operating system:
Operating platforms on which servers, networks, storage and software applications run
41. Server infrastructure management:
Solutions/tools to simplify and automate management and configuration of server resources in the data center or IT infrastructure
42. Cloud infrastructure provider:
Reliable and scalable provision of cloud computing infrastructure for the enterprise
43. Cloud Services Provider:
Reliable and scalable provision of cloud-based services and applications for the enterprise
44. Software-as-a-service solution:
Web-based software available on subscription or utility basis in the cloud
45. Big data solution:
Data-as-a-service, data integration technologies, and unstructured data intelligence and analytics for the data center or cloud environment
1. Rising star - Networking solution
Next-generation wired or wireless networking solutions for data centers and enterprises, especially for intelligent management, monitoring and acceleration of network and internet traffic, as well as optimization of network resources
2. Rising star - Network security solution
Next-generation network and infrastructure security solutions for data centers and enterprises, including security for cloud and mobility
3. Rising star - Data protection solution
Next-generation web, sensitive/personal information and device security solutions for enterprise users
4. Rising star - Data storage & management
Next-generation data storage solutions for managing, storing, backup, recovery, retrieval and analysis of the fast-growing volume, variety and velocity of applications and information
5. Rising star - Communication & collaboration
Next-generation communication and collaboration solutions, including unified communications, telepresence, conferencing, immersive video and collaboration platforms
6. Rising star - Data center appliance/tool
Next-generation appliances or tools that enhance the performance and management of data center or enterprise IT infrastructure
7. Rising star - Data center management
Next-generation solutions that automate the management, monitoring and troubleshooting of data center assets, resources and services
8. Rising star - Application development & lifecycle management
Next-generation solution platforms that help enterprises in the development, maintenance and governance of application software, including visibility, testing, diagnostics and performance benchmarking