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Buldana, India

Understand Buldhana is a city in Buldhana district, Vidarbha Area, in Maharashtra in Western India. In 1853, the Buldhana area was ruled by the British East India Company. Berar was then split into East Berar as well as West Berar. The Buldhana area was part of West Berar. In 1903, the Nizam of Hyderabad turned […]

Visiting Buldana, India

Visitors can enjoy all that Buldana has to provide, consisting of the temples, lakeside setting, and monoliths. Tourists can likewise appreciate the city’s forests and zoo. Dressing for Buldana: Between January and March, daytime temperatures are typically 102 ° F, while nighttime temperatures stay around 57 ° F.- From April to June, the average is […]