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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

app security

Simplify Your Security Focus on These Four Attack Categories

Apps have opened the door to unprecedented threats, expanding the threat landscape and putting corporate data and reputations at risk.


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Has the time come for you network managers to say, 'App team serve thyself'?

It's time to build legitimate scalable self-service interfaces for your app teams.

Just how big is the appetite for application development modernization?

It’s apparent that in the broad market of Asia-Pacific, there’s plenty of demand for assistance on the journey of digital transformation.

SSL Visibility with SSL Orchestrator

Peter Silva lights up how SSL Orchestrator provides robust decryption/encryption of SSL/TLS traffic.  

BIG-IP Cloud Edition: Fast, simple to manage, generally awesome

 BIG-IP Cloud Edition makes it easy, and cost effective, to deploy and scale custom BIG-IP instances for individual applications.

Think app security first

We live in a world of apps. And if your applications shut down, your business does too. Think app security first.

Securing your software supply chain

Securing your software supply chain

Ensuring that the code used by third party developers is safe and bug-free is something enterprises need to start looking out for as they look towards digital transformation.

Most Android devices lack latest security patches

Android security

There is plenty of blame to go around, from wireless carriers to users