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Sunday, May 26th, 2019


The reimagining of app delivery for an agile, multi-cloud world

Applications have become an asset class that is arguably more important for organizations than human talent. 

Containers, cloud-centric app services boost support for DevOps world

Growth in the containers market and ecosystem is being driven by increasing enterprise interest to help application developers move faster, manage infrastructure more efficiently and meet digital transformation goals says analyst firm.

Prudent multi-cloud moves for business transformation returns

In the multi-cloud era, the cloud service provider has become a significant partner-cum-stakeholder in enterprise IT. This is where organizations must understand the shared responsibility between the cloud service provider and the organization.

How a data center works, today and tomorrow

How a data center works, today and tomorrow

The future of data centers will rely on cloud, hyperconverged infrastructure and more powerful components

Red Hat and Microsoft announce initiative to help enterprises easily adopt containers

ZTE introduces LoRa-based smart meters

Microsoft Corp. and Red Hat Inc. have expanded their alliance with new initiatives aimed at enabling enterprises to more easily adopt containers.

The Age of Containerisation and its Impact on Security

With the rise of conainers, security needs to be integrated into the DevOps process from the very beginning.

Containerizing enterprise apps for the cloud: Real-world migrations

Major cloud service providers currently offer container as a service (CaaS), which enables development and operations teams to take advantage of containers at scale without the overhead of managing the underlying container orchestration and management infrastructure.

6 questions CISOs need to ask about containers

With the cloud being a big part of most companies, containers take on an important role in the network.


VMware enhances its vSphere Integrated Containers with new management capabilities

ZTE introduces LoRa-based smart meters

VMware makes it easier to embrace going digital by enhancing capabilities of vSphere Integrated Containers.

Containers vs. virtual machines: How to tell which is the right choice for your enterprise

Containers vs. virtual machines

Just because containers are extremely popular, doesn't mean virtual machines are out of date. They’re not.