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Monday, April 22nd, 2019

F5 Networks Asia Pacific

The reimagining of app delivery for an agile, multi-cloud world

Applications have become an asset class that is arguably more important for organizations than human talent. 

Containers, cloud-centric app services boost support for DevOps world

Growth in the containers market and ecosystem is being driven by increasing enterprise interest to help application developers move faster, manage infrastructure more efficiently and meet digital transformation goals says analyst firm.

Key trends shaping DevOps, transforming NetOps

Harnessing a NetOpsteam that adopts DevOps practices to maintain application security, scale and availability will be a key success factor of agile digital transformation efforts.

Why app services define success in multi-cloud, digital economy

Asia Pacific organizations are keenly embracing emerging technologies such as containers and agile development technologies to deliver applications smarter and faster, according to F5 Networks’ 2019 State of Application Services report (2019 SOAS). 

Business at the speed of apps – automation to mitigate deployment risks

The inherent objective of enterprise digital transformation efforts is to innovate faster.

Cybersecurity talent: thinking outside the ‘technical proficiency’ box

The ever-evolving technologies creating new security concerns and widening the talent shortage gap provides fertile ground for governmental reskilling efforts and enterprises’ rethinking of approaches to fix cybersecurity talent shortage.

Multi-cloud security: Web app, API protection against phishing, fraud

A combination of app protection, network security, access controls, threat intelligence, and endpoint inspection shuts down phishing and fraudulent activities across heterogenous environments before they can exact a damaging toll on business.

What cybersecurity risk assessment means to business

Assessing how prepared an enterprise is in combating a cyber threat is a complex problem.

How innovative organizations balance app security, performance

In their quest to secure applications, most IT leaders know how important application performance is to the continued success of a digital business.

Security-performance balance in combating encrypted threats

A key discovery from F5 Labs’ study of a decade's worth of breach cases is that companies usually only know a small fraction of what went on in the attacks that lead to a breach.