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Monday, April 22nd, 2019


The reimagining of app delivery for an agile, multi-cloud world

Applications have become an asset class that is arguably more important for organizations than human talent. 

Key trends shaping DevOps, transforming NetOps

Harnessing a NetOpsteam that adopts DevOps practices to maintain application security, scale and availability will be a key success factor of agile digital transformation efforts.

Business at the speed of apps – automation to mitigate deployment risks

The inherent objective of enterprise digital transformation efforts is to innovate faster.

Devops Innovation: Network Automation for Continuous Application Delivery and Deployment

DevOps is one of the leading methodologies for speeding up the delivery and performance of applications. 

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Is there a minimal viable deployment for NetOps?

Network automation – the practice of DevOpsing the production pipeline – is already in use by a significant percentage of organizations. 

The critical NetOps-DevOps tag team for multi-cloud agility

As more organizations adopt multi-cloud strategies and embark on DevOps-style agile development, CIOs and IT leaders have to ensure that all contributing factors – people, processes and technology – work in unison for business flexibility and innovation.

How to keep sanity when the infrastructure alarms go off

High-profile data breaches and service outages at organizations across various industries, such as retail, banking and even in IT, highlight two important lessons. One, network issues can lead to damaging impact on not only the bottom line of an organization, but also its brand image and customer loyalty.