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Monday, May 27th, 2019

perimeter security

Protecting ‘identity’ perimeter without harming app experience

To streamline processes and make them user-friendly while also preventing attacks, you should also understand how apps enable user access and how apps can be compromised by attackers.

Why identity is the new perimeter for borderless businesses

 Since users no longer distinguish between remote access and on-premises access and they expect to connect from anywhere and on any device, network and security teams must ensure staff remains productive without putting the business or its data at risk. 

Social security

A client of mine recently discovered that a competitor had breached the client’s network. For an extended period, outsiders were freely accessing the client’s proprietary sales information.

Think beyond perimeter security or face the consequences

Think beyond perimeter security or face the consequences

Gemalto’s Alex Tay writes about the need to think beyond spending exorbitant amounts of money on perimeter security, and highlight the importance of safeguarding the data within the organization itself.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Effectiveness of Perimeter Security

Despite the increasing number of data breaches and more than 3.9 billion data records worldwide being lost or stolen since 2013, organizations continue to believe perimeter security technologies are effective against data breaches, according to one of the many findings of the third-annual Data Security Confidence Index released by Gemalto.

Securing the parameter for healthcare organizations

Heath security perimeter

Ransomware has been around for nearly a decade and is fast becoming the attack of choice by cyber criminals to target healthcare organizations. A recent survey by Healthcare IT News and HIMSS Analytics, revealed that about 50% of healthcare organizations said they have no way of identifying these types of attacks.