4 Tips for Planning a Budget When Traveling Abroad, Minimize Your Expense

Budgeting can be one exciting part of your travel planning. You need to make sure that you won’t run out of money in the middle of the trip, particularly if you plan to go on a long trip. So, it is very important to stick to your travel budget. There are some major aspects that can affect your budget. The first is the destination while the second is your travel style. If you want to travel to Asia, for example, you will spend less money compared to traveling to America, Europe, or Australia. Moreover, your travel style can also influence on how much you will spend. To avoid overspending, here are four tips to help you stick to your budget for a better travel experience

Identify the big expense

If you want to go overseas, it is important to think abour the airfares. It’s better to look for the cheapest tickets to minimize your expense. You can avoid national holidays if you want to get a cheaper price so it is better to see the time frame. You can find the tickets from different travel websites to get the cheapest price. You can also control your expense by writing down things or destinations you want to spend your money on.

Think about other expenses

If you want to go for a culinary tour, try to find street food instead of luxury restaurant. Avoiding alcohol can also cut your expense. It’s also better to look for an affordable hotel near tourist destinations to get an easy access. Ride on public transportation such as bus to explore the city, or you can just walk around while enjoying the surrounding view. If it is possible, you can try bargaining to get a cheaper price when you’re buying foods or local souvenirs.

Don’t forget to count the peparation expense

Preparation expense is the money you need to spend before you go for a trip. It can include visa, travel insurance, vaccinations, and many other basic trip essentials. You never know what might happen later when you are abroad, so having a travel insurance can be a nice idea. To maintain your health during your trip, it’s better to get a vaccination. You can find out the cost of the vaccination once you consult to your doctor.

Separate your expense

You can separate your expense into three categories, they are preparation expenses, actual vacation expenses, and emergency funds. Preparation expenses include passport and visa, travel insurance, and vaccinations. Actual vacation expenses include accomodations, food and drink, transportation, tours, and souvenirs. The last is emergency funds. This is the money that you use in case of emergency incidents, such as stolen or lost belongings.