7 Hacks to Tidy Up Your Suitcase, Proven to be Effective for Traveling in Asia!

For some people, packing can be therapeutic and exciting. But for some others, it can be stressful since it takes time to place one thing and another to fit the space of your suitcase. No worries, you can easily pack your essentials without worrying about your upcoming trip with these hacks. For first-time travelers, here are seven hacks to tidy up your suitcase so you will not get bad mood while packing your stuffs.

Use Compression Bags

Compression bags are the ultimate lifesaver for your suitcase. You’ll be surprised at how much space you could save by reducing the air inside the bags. If you want to bring your heavy jeans or big coat, compression bag is the best choice. This thing will be helpful if you are planning to visit a place with high humidity like most countries in Southeast Asia, since you will need to bring more clothes.

Roll, Don’t Fold

Many people often fold their clothes while packing stuffs for trip. But few people know that rolling the clothes is more preferable for saving the space of your suitcase. This way, you can keep the space available for the other traveling essentials. Make twofolds of your clothes and roll them bottom up. For a very short trip around 2-3 days, you can just roll up your outfits and underwears into one big roll instead of separating them. Use elastic bracelets to tie the rolls up.

Put the First Outfit You’ll Wear on Top

To avoid messing up your suitcase, place the outfit you would like to wear first on the top pile. This will prevent you to completely unpack your suitcase. So, make sure to arrange your clothes by the time you plan to wear.

Use Packing Cubes

Using packing cubes will help you to organize your travel essentials. The colour coded-packing cubes will be useful for you who wants to travel with your closest ones and wants your belonging separated from each other.

Leave a Space in Your Backpack or Suitcase

Traveling abroad will be complete if you buy souvenirs for your loved ones at home. Particularly in Asia, there are local souvenirs recommended to buy such as keychains, shirts, handbags, and many others. But, some people usually don’t know where to put the souvenirs since their suitcase is all packed up. This has become a common mistake for first-travelers who end up leaving stuffs they brought remain unused. So, be mindful while preparing your belongings before your departure. Leave unimportant things behind so you could use the space left for the souvenirs or other additional things you might get.

Make Sections

Making sections is also proven effective for tidying up your suitcase. You could organize it based on its function, time to be worn, or the size of the things itself. For example, you could place your heaviest belongings at the bottom of your baggage and put the lighter ones on top of it. Not only this trick will organize your belongings, it will make your suitcase more steady and balanced when you move it along with you.

Separate the Liquids

Always remind yourself not to mix your shampoo, face cleanser, or any liquid stuffs with the other things you bring for your trip. You can place it inside a separate bag and make sure the bag will not leak. This way, you could avoid messing up your clothes and other things from the leaking itself. Bringing a few sheet of tissues will also helpful to clean the mess in case the leaking happens.