8 Ultimate Tips for Trip to Australia: A Must Read for First Time Traveler

Australia is quite amazing and surprising for first time visitors from overseas. You can see the fantastic surf beaches, cute koalas, kangaroos, and many more. Since Australia is really a large place, you should plan your trip well especially if you want to see different cities. Are you ready for the amazing adventure there? Read ahead these ultimate tips for trip to Australia that will help you to travel to this big place.’

Take a Look at the Visa Requirements

You will need a valid visa to enter Australia—no matter how long you plan to visit it. If you are traveling as tourists, you may apply for some visas online. Besides, you will need different types of visa if you are planning to study or work in Australia.

Familiarize Yourself with Strict Quarantine Laws

Australian Government takes strict quarantine laws to maintain the land from certain diseases and pests. You will be checked seriously as well as your luggage to make sure you don’t bring risky items. Therefore, you should know the quarantine laws in Australia well before you pack.

Plan Your Trip

Australia is a huge island-continent. You cannot ever underestimate it. It is the sixth largest country in the world, thus you should prepare yourself for long distances between places. It is better to give yourself spare time to explore the country. It’s impossible to see all sides of Australia in only two or three weeks.

For those of you who want to see different cities, you can choose flying as the main accommodation. You may book tours which cover off several major cities, but you still need a lot of time for traveling. In short, you should consider the distance between places so that your holiday will go smoother.

Rent a Cheap Van

You may get expensive price when you rent a motorhome or a van in Australia. However, you still can do certain things to get a cheaper van. The easiest ways to get a cheaper van are booking the van in advance and avoiding peak season, long weekends, or school holidays.

Take Your Skincare Properly

In Australia, you will see that the sun is much stronger there. Thus, you should take your skincare seriously. It means, you must apply your sunscreen regularly (wearing sunscreen is absolutely important!), wear your sunglasses, and wear protective clothing. Don’t forget to bring a hat in the midday.

Pay Attention to the Season

If you are visitors that come from the Northern Hemisphere, remember that the seasons in Australia are reversed. As a matter of fact, Christmas here falls at the hottest time of the year, since summer occurs from December through February. Therefore, you should remember this fact and consider the weather when you are planning the trip.

Visiting Melbourne is a Must

When you open a map and see how vast Australia is, you probably will be overwhelmed. As a first traveler, you may be confused about where to go. It’s kind of uneasy to decide the best places to visit. For those of you who still don’t know where to go, we recommend you to visit Melbourne. It is a great city especially for you who are street art lovers and foodies.

Buy a SIM Card

To make your trip in Australia much easier, it’s better to purchase a SIM card. The cards are actually inexpensive—you can get them for around 2 dollars. Besides, you are able to get a simple data plan with cheap cost.

When you choose Australia as your upcoming destination, you already pick the great place to experience an amazing location that is full of diverse landscapes. Hopefully, you will get the most fantastic trip ever!