Are You New to a Campervan Trip in America? Here Are Some Tips for You!

A campervan trip sounds exciting, eh? If you love to go on a tour crossing state borders in America, it would be a perfect option for you—we can go places more easily and inexpensively this way!

Some people even go out of their way to choose to live in this kind of vehicle and by having the new way of living, which is quite high in mobility, traveling to different states means nothing to them.

However, how if we’re just a bunch of curious people who want to taste the exciting journey offered by a van in a fairly short period of time? Worry not, here are some perfect tips for you first-timers to not get caught in a whirlwind of confusion.

Make a Plan

Always make a plan and prepare things well before taking a trip. First things first, decide the destinations you are going to visit. Aside from your interests and other personal considerations, one important thing is the weather condition at the destination. Don’t plan a trip when it seems dangerous to do so, for example when it’s always raining hard, stormy, and there are some potentials of natural disasters. Look up further information on weather forecasts available and the official local agency of disaster prevention to make sure that your journey will be safe and sound. This is especially the case for you who are interested in campervan trips since driving during bad weather is potentially dangerous.

In planning your trip, you also have to consider some aspects, such as estimating the fuel, food costs, and packing your stuff. Only bring along clothes and other stuff to the bare minimum for your convenience living in a cramped van. Most importantly, make a note on the fuel costs since each service station has a different price on gas to each other.

Choose Your Van

Go to a van rental and choose your vehicle wisely. We recommend you to choose a newer version van instead of the old one. Old vans are okay, but you have to keep in mind that they will not bring you too far.

Renting a van is also easy. you just have to sign papers, show your driver licenses and make the final payment. Don’t forget to take note of the 24/7 roadside assistance number—it is usually available at the depot when you pick your rented van.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

In traveling, we have to understand some of the basics, and one of them is knowing that there will always be some unexpected occurrences that affect our trip. In van a traveler’s case, some flat tire may happen and we have to tackle this problem on our own—especially if this happens in an inconvenient place—or be ready to wait some hours to get help which requires a lot of patience. Thus, we also need to bring along some basic tools for reparations.
It is also important to note that you always drive responsibly which means you don’t consume any alcoholic drink or addictive substance. Police do strict control on this matter using a breathalyzer and field sobriety test.

Share the Driving

Don’t let your fatigue hinder your journey; make sure to pull over and take some breaks whenever you don’t feel like proceeding your trip. It would be beneficial if you tag along with friends who can drive because then you can share the driving with them. Always prioritize your safety above the others.

Find Spots to Sleep at Night

You’re not recommended to drive at nights, so find a spot to park your van in order to take a rest and sleep. You can use the iOverlander app which allows you to find camping spots on the go. You can find a lot of spots added by the other overlanders along with the detailed information on costs and experience. The costs to these spots are varied: there are some free spots offered as well as the ones charged. Don’t worry, they are usually cheap. You can get some basic facilities, such as electricity hookups, Wi-Fi, and showers. If you want to go for a free spot to rest, 24-hour stores, let’s say Wallmart, may be a good option for you. You can restock anything you need there and park your van at the available parking space. Moreover, rest stops, truck stops, and gas stations will do as well!