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Buldhana is a city in Buldhana district, Vidarbha Area, in Maharashtra in Western India.

In 1853, the Buldhana area was ruled by the British East India Company. Berar was then split into East Berar as well as West Berar. The Buldhana area was part of West Berar. In 1903, the Nizam of Hyderabad turned over Berar to the British Government of India.

In 1867, the Buldhana area was created when North Berar and Mehkar districts were merged. When Berar combined with the Central Provinces, the city became the District of Central Provinces and Berar. The Khamgaon and Jalgaon tehsils were later incorporated with the Buldhana district.

In 1950, Buldhana became a part of Madhya Pradesh and had Nagpur as the resource. In 1956, when the Marathi speaking areas of Vidarbha areas and Bombay state merged to form the State of Maharashtra, Buldhana also became a part of this state. Today, Buldhana is an area recognized for its cotton trading industries and also oilseeds.


1. By plane

The nearest flight terminal is Aurangabad (IXU IATA). That’s why you will need to take a trip of 122 km by road.

2. By train

The closest railhead goes to Malkapur (45 kilometers).

3. By vehicle

From Mumbai, you can also take a trip to Lonar by road using Aurangabad and Jalna (600 kilometers overall).


  1. Sunset, on ghats of Buldhana – Malkapur highway
  2. A zoo called Ranichi Baug (Queen’s Yard).
  3. Sangam Lake.
  4. Gavdevi Holy place.
  5. Sailani Baba Dargah, Sailani Baba Darga that is just one of the famous places near Buldhana.
  6. Bharat Vidyalaya.
  7. The Love Trust (orphanage) for Indian kids in need.
  8. Rajur Ghat.
  9. Botha Woodland, significant botha woodland at Buldhana-Khamgaon Roadway.
  10. Jaicha Deo Jalicha Deo, an important spiritual location of the Mahanubhav sect.
  11. Resource of River Paingaga.
  12. Mardadi Devi’ temple near the village Dudha on Buldhana Dhad roadway.

Things To Do

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1. Gajanan Maharaj holy place (Gajan Maharaj Mandir)

Shree Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, Shegaon (Near main train terminal district),? +91 7262 252018, +91 7262 252699, +91 7262 252251,? sansthan@gajananmaharaj.org. The Gajanan Maharaj Holy place was built to honor Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj, a late 19th and early 20th-century Indian holy man recognized by many people in Maharashtra, India. His birthdate is unidentified; he lived the majority of his life at Shegaon.

2. Girda

Girda sunrise time differs 20 mins from IST. ‘Kali Bhint/Black Wall,’ a geographical structure. ‘Sita nahani’ a place where Pandavas concealed during agyatvas. An area as well as a temple. Lovely all-natural scene and also falls.

3. Shree Balaji Temple (Balaji Mandir), Malkapur Road, Buldhana. 

Shree Balaji Temple at Buldhana stands as a specific replica of the Shree Balaji temple at Tirupati. Shivaji and also Jijamata.

4. Sindkhed Raja village (Sindhkhed raja), Tal. Sindhkhed Raja. 

Dist. Buldhana. Check-out time at noon. There are numerous monoliths in this tiny area, which owe their presence to Rajmata Jijabai and her dad Lakhuji Jadhav. These monuments like Kalkat, Rang Mahal, Burial Place of Lakhuji Jadhav, Place of Lakhuji Jadhav, the ancient holy place of Neekjantheshwar, and Rameshwar have a unique heritage and architectural value.

5. Lonar lake (Lonar Sarovar)

Situated on the Loaner community’s borders in Buldhana District, The Lake was first mentioned in old scriptures such as the Skanda Purana, the Padma Puran, and the Ain-i-Akbari. The initial European to go to the Lake was a British police officer, J.E. Alexander, in 1823. Buldhana district in Maharashtra, where the Lake lies, was as soon as part of Ashoka’s realm and afterward of Satavahanas. The Chalukyas and also Rashtrakutas additionally ruled this location. During the duration of the Mughals, Yadavas, Nizam, and the British, trade prospered in this field.

Numerous holy places found on the periphery of the Lake are called Yadava sacred places and likewise as Hemadpanthi holy places (called after Hemadri Ramgaya). This anxiety was developed lots of years ago. Some 50,000 years ago, a massive meteor fell on the planet from the room. The fall’s influence was so significantly enormous that a massive bowl-shaped crater was carved in the earth.

This was 7 kilometers in the area, as well as 1.8 kilometers in diameter. This is supposed to be the biggest and also oldest meteorite crater in the whole globe. The nearby opponent here is the Canyon Diabolo of Arizona in the United States. You can additionally see peafowls that have made the crater their house. You will certainly also discover great deals of migratory birds.

6. Nandura Hanuman statuary, NH 6, Markapur Roadway, Nandura. 

This is well-known for the holy place of Lord Hanuman. The Holy site is intended to be having the globe’s most massive Hanuman idol. It is around 105 ft (30m) tall.

7. ARD CineMall, Deshlahra design, Malkapur Road.

ARD CineMall is the first involute in the Below 1 Lac population community in India. The involute is UFO electronic projection modern technology, which was initially in Buldhana, with complete Dolby digital border sound systems.? 80-110.

8. ARD MART, Supermarket, Malkapur Road, Buldhana.

(Auto Rickshaws are readily available.) +91 7262 242828 shri.padmretailers@gmail.com. 10:30 AM-8:00 PM. Delight in Buying with several attractive Routine Deals, Schemes (12 +1 Month Free, Supper Sundays), Discounts. Also with enough Parking Space. No entry cost. Modify.

Quality home, Supermarket, Bhagavan Mahavir Marg, Buldhana. (Auto Rickshaws are readily available.) +91 7262 242134, +91 7262 242801. 10:30 AM-8:00 PM. It is among the first grocery stores in Buldhana. No access price. Edit.

Consume, Consume Alcohol, Rest:

There are several exclusive bed and breakfast.

Federal Government Guest House, Chaitanyawadi. (upgraded Mar 2017|edit).

Heera Guest House, New DP Roadway, Siddhartha Nagar, Chikhli. Net access, laundry centers, car parking, 24-hour front desk, clerical solutions, area service, 24-hour power supply 444.


Buldhana is the district headquarters and a Metropolitan Council in the Buldhana District of Amravati division in the Indian State of Maharashtra. It is the 2nd biggest city after Khamgaon in Buldhana District. It is situated at the western boundary of the Vidarbha area of Maharashtra. Also, it is 500 kilometers from the state resources, Mumbai.DemographicsIndia census, Buldana city has a population of 67,431.

Males makeup 52% of the populace and also women 48%. Buldana has an average literacy rate of 82%, more than the national average of 59.5%; with male proficiency of 82% and women literacy of 72%. 13% of the population is under six years old. Buldhana Area News Portals Buldhana Today.

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Buldhana Summary

Buldhana is a tiny area in the Amravati division of Maharashtra. Its name is stemmed from Bhil Thana that implies the residence of the Bhil Tribe. Buldhana is the location where vast teams of Bhils stayed. This area belonged to Berar province back in the inevitable times of the Mahabharat duration.

Unrolled across 9,640-kilometer square, Buldhana is lodged on the container of River Tapi & Godavari. Madhya Pradesh surrounds it in North, Akola in the East, Jalna in the South, and Aurangabad in the West. It is a district that has its limits modified many times by the federal government. The climate of Buldhana is tropical temperate. The summer seasons see a typical rise of mercury level at 40 ° C amidst the period. In contrast, wintertimes witness an ordinary temperature of 16 ° C throughout the season. Buldhana also receives an adequate amount of rainfall in downpours.

There are numerous attractions in Buldhana that are often visited by site visitors as well as locals. The Lonar Crater Lake, Dnyanganga Sanctuary, Hanuman holy place, Mast Kalandar Dargah, and even more locations entice individuals from different instructions.

The population of Buldhana is multilingual as well as interacts in Marathi in addition to Hindi.

Regarding Buldhana

Buldhana is the central area station and a Local Council in the Buldhana Area of Amravati department in the Indian State of Maharashtra. Buldhana is the best city in the Buldhana region. It is organized at the western fringe of the Vidarbha area and is 500 km far from the state capital, Mumbai. The city has urban towns and regions like Shegaon, Khamgaon, Lonar, Mehkar, and Dongaon. It is included by Madhya Pradesh in the north, Akola, Washim, as well as Amravati location on the eastern, Jalna location on the south, and Jalgaon and also Aurangabad locations on the west.

The region’s overseeing cultivation police officer goes under the Divisional Joint Director of Amravati Division. There are three subdivisions at Buldhana, Khamgaon, and Mehkar with a taluka agribusiness officer posted at each taluka. There are many circles under each taluka. A time of Muslim monitoring started when Alauddin Khalji, the Sultan of Delhi, beat the district in the mid-fourteenth century.

The area was a piece of the Bahmani Sultanate, which split much from the Delhi Sultanate in the mid-fourteenth century. The Bahmani Sultanate divided right into littler sultanates towards the finish of the fifteenth century. In 1572, Berar turned out to be an item of the Nizam Shahi sultanate, based at Ahmednagar.

Going to Buldhana

Visitors can appreciate all that Buldana has to supply, consisting of the holy places, lakeside setting, and monoliths. Travelers can likewise enjoy the city’s forests and even zoo.

Clothing for Buldana.

– Between January and March, daytime temperatures average 102 ° F, while nighttime temperatures remain around 57 ° F.- From April to June, the standard is 109 ° F during the day as well as 74 ° F in the evening.

– July through September sees ordinary temperature levels of 92 ° F throughout the day and 71 ° F during the night.

– In October-December, you can anticipate 93 ° F as the daytime average and also 55 ° F as the nighttime standard.

– Regarding 22.44 inches of rainfall falls on Buldana yearly.

– May and April are typically the best months averaging 106 ° F, while December, as well as January, generally are the coldest with an ordinary temperature level of 57 ° F.

Frequently asked questions

– What’s the very best location for a stay in Buldana?

Based on our vacationer information, Yogiraj Palace is one of the leading options for your remains. This 3-star resort uses a restaurant and complimentary car parking. Sai Krupa Lawn and also Regency is one more great option for your trip.

– If I were to cancel my hotel appointment in Buldana, would I get a refund?

Yes! You’ll discover that most resort room appointments are completely refundable if you terminate before the accommodation’s termination target date, which in many cases is within 24 or two days of your arrival date. If you have a non-refundable booking, you might still have the ability to terminate and be offered a reimbursement within your booking one day. Enter your days, click “Look,” then you can filter by “cost-free termination” to evaluate the most effective offers available in Buldana.