Don’t Worry, Here are 5 Ways to Stay Connected 24/7 when Traveling Abroad

As travelers, we need to stay connected to the internet as our lives are interconnected to each other. We can basically look up any information on the internet along the trip that will be useful in our journey at a tap away. It’s also easier to keep in touch with our family and friends from a distance using an internet connection.

However, access to the internet is can be hard to get if we travel abroad, so here are sure ways to get internet connection abroad which can help you out to stay connected.

An International Phone Plan.

The good news for US travelers is that finding a phone plan to be used abroad is getting easier day by day. Most US carriers, such as Verizon and AT&T) provide international “day passes” which cost about $10 per day. This plan allows us to use normal messaging/data allowances in different countries. While this plan may seem on budget, the downside we get is that the internet speed tends to slow down if we don’t sign up for an additional plan to boost the speed. However, it’s not a big deal if you just want to check emails, Facebook, or Instagram—it still works pretty well.

Google Project-Fi

Google provides internet service namely Project Fi. The service offers unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited text messages, and Wi-Fi tethering as a hotspot. There are varied costs to this service but the Fi Basics plan is about $20 per month.


This provider offers a unique method to solve your issues with limited access to the internet: you can place a sticker on your SIM card which connects you to local networks. The sticker is only activated during your trip. In some countries, unlimited data rate plans offered start at $7.99 per day. It is important to note that you must have an unlocked phone to use this.

Skyroam, a Portable Wi-Fi

To make your life easier as a traveler who brings along a laptop, there is this amazing portable Wi-Fi that you can use: Skyroam Solis. We can connect up to 5 devices, so it is also suitable for those who go in a group. Skyroam Solis has a great signal and as a bonus, it acts as a power bank, too.

Local SIM Cards

You can use local SIM cards from the country you visit if your phone is unlocked. They are sold in airports and local cell phone stores, which means they are easy to find. Besides, using local SIM cards gives you a cheap deal on internet use; you have got plenty of options which are suitable for your needs too! Before choosing the available options of the cards, make sure to ask or find some information about the plan offered by the providers.

Local Wi-Fi

If you are on a budget, you can always make use of the Wi-Fi services found around you. You will most likely find ones at a café, mall, or some public spaces. To get this free internet service, you can simply go to a café, order some drinks and snacks and use the Wi-Fi available. This option is definitely easier and cheaper than the others.