Get Ready for Sakura Blossoms, Here are 4 Tips for Traveling to Japan in Spring

Planning a trip to Japan in Spring could be very fun – but also tricky! Why? Getting a perfect itinerary around Sakura blossoms event is hard. Here are some tips to keep in mind for first-time travelers so you will not miss out on beautiful experiences while traveling to Japan in Spring!

Plan your arrival in Japan

Springtime is when the beautiful sakura trees bloom. Locals even called off work and go to a picnic under it. Plan your trip carefully, this amazing event only lasts for two weeks. If you are planning to visit Tokyo, I would recommend you plan your arrival in Japan in early April since it is the peak season of blooming sakura. Though, if you are visiting Hokkaido instead, plan your trip around mid-May to see the blossoms. To make it easy, plan your trip around real-time information about this event. you can get this by installing apps that show the forecast of blooming of sakura in Japan. It varies from region to region.

Watch Out for Sakura Matsuri

Matsuri is a yearly festival in Japan when locals spending some quality time with their closest ones under sakura trees. Many parks in Japan hold a Sakura Festival for a few days when the Sakura is at the peak of its bloom. You will be amazed at the very pleasant view of Sakura Trees decorated with lights that make the scenery truly like art. You will see locals and foreigners sitting under the trees on their picnic mats. At the distance, you can see kids playing around. Join the festival if you want to experience the warmth of Hanami (watching flowers) in Japan!

List Places that are Famous for Its Sakura Trees

You could easily see the sakura trees everywhere in Japan, it is better to visit all the places that are famous for its Sakura trees. For example, you could visit Ueno Park in Tokyo that has over 1200 Sakura trees. Either visiting it during daytime or nighttime, the park offers you a very beautiful view of flourishing Sakura. The Nakameguro Canal has an amazing view of beautiful Sakura trees planted alongside the canal decorated with pink lanterns. Don’t forget to bring your camera, the scenery would be too beautiful not to be celebrated in a picture.

Plan your outfit

Weather might be warm for Japanese people in early spring, but if you are coming from a tropical country or any country that doesn’t experience winter, the temperature during spring might be still too cold for you. Prepare a coat, jacket, or any clothing with thick fabrics. If you want to be a little bit extra, prepare an outfit that goes well with the color of sakura trees!

Prepare a Mask

Though Spring in Japan is beautiful, some people with pollen allergy might have some trouble enjoying the season if they aren’t wearing a mask. You could catch a hay fever. It can cause red-teary eyes and runny nose. 1 of 4 Japanese people suffer from this allergy. Although the chance is low, you should prepare a mask since it could still affect tourists who just came to Japan for the first time.